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Oh, did we also mention that we’re the experts in SEO internal linking? We may have gone a little overboard there for dramatic effects, but proper internal linking through website content pages actually is one of the most effective SEO website optimization strategies there is! Below, we’ve broken down the definition of internal linking and also given some tips on how certain methods of linking result in the best outcomes. 

What is Internal Linking?

Internal links, as you could probably imagine, are links that take website visitors from one internal page to the other. They’re essentially ways for people to navigate your website quickly and find the direct information or pages that they’re looking for, but more importantly, they also have a direct impact on your website’s keyword rankings

The more content-filled web pages you have within a single domain, the easier Google’s crawler applications are able to find and distribute the content you publish. Say you have a certain page that’s already ranked high and is performing well organically on Google. By updating content with relevant internal links, the first page’s performance will leak into the new pages through a process known as “link juice”. Ultimately, internal linking has a run-off effect that directly increases traffic to new or important pages on your site. 

SEO Website Optimization Session: How to Internally Link! 

Now that you’re aware of internal linking’s ability to boost your keyword rankings, let’s talk about how to properly use them! 

Start with Content: 

After strategizing, the only way to begin this journey is to start typing. Clearly, the objective is to create content that is engaging, informative, and avoids too much fluff. The keywords should be placed in your content seamlessly so as to not obviously distract the reader from its main points. To fully maximize this process, we recommend that all content is updated regularly and new internal links are added when relevant. 


Links should never be seen as their URL (ex.https://bemarketing.com) In the same sense, never use the phrase “click here”, as this text is not related to the page being linked in any way and will not add any value in terms of ranking. The best way to properly include an internal link to your services or similar pages is to be direct, short, and relevant. Links that are too long are not conducive to a positive user experience, while link text that doesn’t provide enough context will not entice further clicks. Something like “best strategies for social media,” is a great example of internal linking that’s to the point and helps SEO initiatives at the same time. 

Link Content Creation to Profit Maximization with beMarketing! 

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