When we announced that Google would be issuing Google Ads credits to small and medium sized businesses, we also pledged to help business owners manage their credit and make sure it gets the most success. Well, new updates on these credits just dropped, and we’re here to make sure you’re up-to-date on everything you need to help your business thrive. In order to help you make the best digital marketing choices for your business now — and in the future — we’ve put together a helpful Q&A on the newest updates you need to know about the Google Ads credits.

Q: Who is able to receive a Google Ads credit?

A: Both small and medium sized businesses will be eligible to receive a credit. However, it is contingent on the following factors:
Your business must have spent money with a Google Ads account in 10 out of 12 months in 2019, and in January and/or February of 2020
Eligible small and medium sized businesses must also have advertised directly with Google or through a partner, and must have met Google’s advertising policies.

Q: If my business is eligible, when can I expect to receive the Google Ads credit?

A: If your business meets the above criteria, you can expect the ad credits to start rolling out in late May. It is important to note that the Google Ads credits will be rolled out to business owners in phases. In the months to follow this late May start date, eligible customers will be contacted, and you will see the ad credit appear in your Google Ads account.

Q: How much will my Google Ads credit be?

A: Because different small businesses spend a different amount of money on Google Ads, the credit amount will vary. With that being said, Google will be basing the ad credit amount on the following:
– The amount your business spent in the past on Google Ads
– The country in which your business resides and your Google Ads account is set up
– The currency your business utilizes

Q: My business has multiple accounts tied to one manager account—which account will receive the Google Ads credit?

A: Google has announced that each customer who is eligible can expect a Google Ads credit to be applied. If your business has multiple accounts that are tied to one manager account — and each account is eligible to receive an ad credit — then each account will receive an ad credit.

Q: How does the Google Ads credit work?

A: It is important to note that these Google Ads credits are to be applied to your business’s future Google Ads spend. This means that the credit will not be applied to past or current Google Ads bills/invoices. However, these ad credits are able to be used across the Google Ads platforms, so if you run a Search, Display or YouTube Google Ad, you can apply this credit to any one of these campaigns.

Q: Is my business eligible to receive more than one?

A: Each Google customer that is eligible for this will receive one Google Ads credit. If your business advertises with multiple Google Ads accounts, or your business runs multiple campaign types within an account, you will receive only one ad credit.

From the very beginning of the coronavirus quarantine, everyone here at beMarketing pledged to be here for as many small and medium sized business owners that we can be. If you are looking for guidance on which campaign will be best to spend your Google Ads credit on, our team will make sure we do everything we can to get the most out of your credit. Contact us today!