If you’re in the business of roofing, plumbing, landscaping or masonry, March is your business’s time to shine! This means you’re going to want to maximize your presence on the web as the spring weather approaches. But how can you compete with the madness of March? Three words: Search Engine Optimization. Also referred to as SEO, this marketing tactic can help your business cut through the busy noise on the web and help your website be found. Let’s discuss a few SEO tips from the digital marketing experts at beMarketing to help you and your business bring the heat this March—and for months to come.

Keyword-Rich Copy is a Slam Dunk

When a user types terms into a search box to find information on a specific topic, search engines pick up on these keywords and provide results accordingly. If you want a search engine to find your website, then it’s crucial for you to incorporate keywords pertaining to your industry throughout your website. To determine the keywords that your specific audience is searching for, you can either:

  • Ask current customers what terms they used to find you
  • Use online resources like Wordtracker or Google’s Keyword tool
  • Utilize an SEO expert

Once you determine your keywords, you should select three of them to incorporate onto each page of your website. When it comes to writing this copy, it’s important to not overdo it—you want to write copy that your customers will find appealing, helpful and persuasive.

Fresh Content Will Keep Your Site Heating Up

Not only do search engines like to detect a frequent flow of fresh, relevant content, but so do your new and returning customers. If you haven’t written a blog, posted on social media or updated your website’s content, it’s time to toss out your old playbook and start implementing these new SEO strategies instead. To create content that will give your website the best chance of being found, be sure to incorporate keywords, make it relevant to your business and aim to have the copy be a minimum of 300 words.

Fast Page Loads Will Help You Be a Champ

Think of slow page loads like a turnover: when your pages load slowly, you’ll most likely lose possession of your audience and potential customers, leading to a decrease in new customers and an increase in bounce rates. This is where quality website design and development come in to play. When a website has a user-friendly design and is developed using the best web practices, you can be sure that it will be search engine friendly, helping your business cut through the madness of the web.

Ready to make your website the MVP on the web for your industry? From SEO to Website Hosting, Blogging to Social Media, the digital marketing team at beMarketing knows every play in the SEO playbook to help your website be seen. Contact us today!