If you own a plumbing business, chances are marketing is not the main focus of your day. Business owners of any industry must wear many hats on a day-to-day basis, but marketing takes special expertise. Marketing for a service business such as plumbing can be daunting for those with little to no experience in the marketing field. 

Allow us to help you out with some tips on how to best utilize internet marketing tools for your plumbing business in today’s digital world. 

Be Where The Eyeballs Are 

You may be wondering, why be on social media in the first place? One of the reasons why having social media platforms for your business is so important today is because it’s where the eyeballs are! You probably don’t know that many people are not on social media in some form, even if it’s just to browse. By putting your business on social media, you enable your business to grab the attention of so many more customers as opposed to not having a presence there at all. 

Target Your Key Customers

Social media enables your business to get in front of customers that may not have known your company existed before through various geotargeting techniques that are location-based to get in front of your core customer in your area. Once they begin to see your posts, there are ways to bring them from the social media platform over to your website which is key! You want them to get to your website so that they can explore your offerings and book an appointment. 

Tell A Story

Another aspect of social media that’s important to a successful social media marketing plan for plumbers is how the social media platforms tell a story about your business. These social platforms enable you to share what your service offerings are, how qualified your team is, where you do most of your work, and how unique your plumbing business is compared to others. Everything you put on social media should further tell your business story, which can “humanize” your brand – a key component to marketing plans. 

Interact With Your Customers

Social profiles enable you to have an interaction with your customers that other forms of advertising do not. There is a reason it’s called social media. It’s social! Don’t be afraid to expose the personality of the business a little bit and get to know your customers. Post questions, answer the questions your followers ask, and encourage interaction. Customers like to feel connected to their service providers…you are there for them when they need you after all!

Cost Associated With Social Media

The reality is that like most things, the cost can be as little or as great as you need it to be. Business owners can create social platforms themselves and run them if they would like to or they can hire an experienced marketing expert to take on this task for them. It’s important to keep in mind when making this decision what your budget is and what kind of impact you are looking to get out of your investment. 

It’s important to mention that an experienced marketing expert would also have the ability to guide your strategy on when to put some money behind certain posts and how to create posts that link back to your website, etc. 

Are You Sold On Using Social Media Marketing For Your Plumbing Business?

If you are looking for an experienced marketing company that can guide your internet marketing strategy for your plumbing business, look no further than beMarketing. For more information on how we could bring your business into the digital world, contact us today!