Do people even read mail anymore? While many people tend to be under the impression that traditional means of marketing have strayed away from the classic direct-mail advertising and have since transitioned to online means instead, this is surprisingly not the case! In fact, direct mail is consistently on the rise, with statistics showing that roughly 73% of American consumers prefer direct mail contact from brands due to the increased longevity of reading time they have with it. Although online forms of advertising can serve their own beneficial purpose, marketing with direct mail can truly make a difference when it comes to lead generation for your roofing company. Our expert marketers have complied a list of advantageous reasons why direct mail is an ideal form of marketing for roofers.

Directly Target Your Desired Traffic 

As stated previously, online means of marketing can be a fantastic way to spread customer outreach across various demographics and regions. However, your roofing company most likely services a select area that you wish to pinpoint directly. Direct mail advertising allows you to cater your message specific to your target area and audience. Your company can customize the verbiage, style, types of favorable services, and more to match the demographic you wish to target. Additionally, having the chance to personalize your content allows your potential customers to get to know your brand and what your company is all about. Not to mention, about 42.2% of direct mail recipients either fully read or scan the mail they receive, giving your roofing company a chance to grasp their attention and possibly obtain their business! 

Direct Mail Formats Are Endless

From brochures to postcards, catalogs to newsletters, the possibilities of how you go about marketing with direct mail are endless! If you wish to retain current customers by informative newsletters on what is trending in the roofing industry or desire to promote a special discount on your roofing services to attract potential clientele, direct mailers are designed for you! It is because direct mailers can come in a variety of formats and styles that they are ideal for packaging both your message and objective flawlessly. Taking advantage of the ample ways direct mailers can be formatted gives your roofing company the chance to show your industry experience, shed insight on your brand, inform on specialized deals and discounts, and so much more. 

Sustain Customers Every Season 

Like every roofing company, your services most likely stretch from the cold winter months to warmer spring days. Each season has its own string of roofing services that your company desires to promote to your customer base. Direct mailers are a fantastic way to educate your customers about what seasonal weather can do to your home if not readily prepared and thus inform customers about the type of services they’ll want to consider from your company. From ensuring customers have their gutters cleared of fall foliage to making sure their roofs are damage-free when spring showers roll around, direct mailers can be customized to promote your business all season long. Talk about a surefire way to keep your roofing company up and rolling all year round!

With all these reasons and more, utilizing direct mailers as part of your marketing strategy for your own roofing company will guarantee that your customer’s eyes are looking at your business. Contact us today to get started on implementing direct mail for your company to start obtaining the lead generation that you deserve!