The marketing landscape is constantly changing. Not only through advancements in technology and growing populations on new internet platforms, but also through unforeseen events that can dramatically change the way we operate. After a global pandemic and a slew of new media trends, the year 2022 will serve as a great case study for how marketing companies can pivot and stay resilient.  

At beMarketing, we go far beyond the digital marketing basics and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of emerging marketing trends. Below, we’ve uncovered four major trends to expand your brand and stay relevant in 2022 and far beyond. 

Expand Your Events! 

The future is hybrid, and so is the present. If AI and virtual technologies weren’t influencing this trajectory toward hybrid events enough, the pandemic certainly put the final nail in the coffin. Not only do marketers have the proper resources to put on events for audiences far and wide, but many people are also still hesitant to gather in groups and prefer the safety of their own homes. For any fundraiser, award ceremony, seminar, or grand opening, be sure to include not only physical seats and tickets but virtual viewing experiences that are authentic and inclusive. 

Hybrid events are not the only thing to consider, however. The planning of these events also requires this dual approach. Our team at beMarketing was recently tasked with growing awareness and hype for a professional sports league client that was introducing their first-ever tournament. We implemented a full-fledged digital marketing campaign that included paid advertising, SEO, social media marketing, and more to build brand awareness and increase ticket sales and broadcasting numbers. While we worked over the internet, the team had boots in the ground in their tournament city interacting with fans and partnering with nearby establishments. This hybrid approach was incredibly successful! 

Get Your Hand Out of the Cookie Jar! 

You’ve probably heard by now that Google is moving away from third-party cookies to enhance the security of their search engine. As third-party cookie targeting strategies have become synonymous with digital marketing basics for many companies, now is the time to cultivate first-party cookies in ways that are just as effective. While privacy policies are becoming much more stringent, certain tactics like surveys and CRM initiatives will be imperative toward finding targeted audiences. 

Email is Always Live! 

In the last few weeks, many social media users expressed the fear that Facebook or Instagram may never come back. After scandals, allegations, whistleblowers, and outages, we’ve learned that social media sites, though incredibly valuable, can be susceptible to failure. So, what happens when your digital marketing efforts are derailed by an unforeseeable social media crash? When you’re marketing a time-sensitive service or unique event that’s approaching but can’t post to Twitter or Facebook? For informational pushes, there’s nothing more secure and reliable than an email marketing campaign. 

Email campaigns and newsletters showcase to your core audience that your content is consistent, positions your brand as thought-leaders, and reaches your target audience directly when other posts or shares could easily get lost in the shuffle. Additionally, with more and more posts on your consumers’ news feed, email is a more personal, familiar, and intimate way of connecting with your audience. 

#NoFilter: Utilize Influencers! 

We’ll be the first to tell you that traditional marketing is not dead. We’ll also tell you that traditional marketing can prove fruitless if not properly paired with modern, digital marketing practices. A recent Deloitte study found that only 10% of Gen Z respondents said watching TV or movies was their favorite entertainment pastime. So, where are they? They’re interacting on popular social media platforms, playing video games, or watching their favorite content creators on Youtube. 

Whether you have an event coming up and want to partner with popular travel Instagram ambassadors or have an interesting product that resonates with certain demographics and want to develop an advertising campaign with a Youtube personality, the most direct way to reach young consumers is through influencer marketing. 

Fly into 2022 with some real BUZZ! 

beMarketing is a full-service, turnkey marketing agency that develops personalized strategies for 2022 and far beyond. We strive to identify the most practical solutions for marketing to the next generation of consumers, and your campaign will be no different. Ready to revolutionize your digital marketing? Let’s connect today!