As a digital marketing and advertising firm, some people might think that we ignore traditional advertising strategies and solely focus on digital ventures or internet interactions. In reality, the beMarketing team places a heavy emphasis on both traditional marketing and traditional advertising. Not only do these campaigns work to enhance the marketing progress you’ve made digitally, but they can also work to humanize your brand offline. 

Here at The Hive, we know that a truly successful advertising strategy requires a mix of digital and traditional and that the components of each can work to complement each other and fill in the gaps! Read below to find out how our team is debunking the myth that traditional advertising is dead.

Consumer Intentions: 

One major advantage of digital marketing is the newfound ability to carefully and purposefully target shoppers with intent. Through search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), marketers can efficiently show their products or services to those who are actively searching for them. From a conversion perspective, this is clearly beneficial for driving purchases in real-time and directing ads to shoppers with established interest. Traditional advertising has a more long-term approach, however. Billboard advertisements, media buying opportunities, or radio air time might not necessarily reach those in immediate need of your service, but instead will build your brand awareness for when they do need it in the future. Combining these two verticals allows you to reel in active shoppers and build your company awareness for future ones. 

Beyond the Screens: 

We know it may seem hard to believe in our digital-crazed world, but there is a whole other world outside of the internet! Clearly, each new generation spends more time on the internet than the next and also builds a stronger connection to social media, digital advertising, video streaming, and more. With that said, it could be suggested that now more than ever, (especially after a difficult pandemic) that people are eager to travel, to hit the road, to shop, to go out to dinner, and so on. Traditional marketing and advertising in the form of billboards, signage, and flyers can subconsciously introduce your business, inform customers about services or upcoming events, and inspire people to visit your website. As a digital marketing agency, we suggest you have a stunning, functional, user-friendly website to greet them! 

Make Real Connections: 

There is still nothing in this world that can take the place of human interaction. Consumers are far more likely to remember you or your unique brand through meeting them at a pop-up shop, fundraiser, networking event, or trade show than they are through an electronic ad. The community involvement aspect of traditional advertising is really one that can never be replicated digitally. While billions interact online every day, many people still value listening to sports radio, thumbing through fashion magazines, or driving down the expressway filled with billboards. 

Proven Methods of Yesterday & Strategies for Tomorrow! 

Partner with beMarketing and we will debunk the myth that “traditional advertising is dead” right before your eyes! Through media buying strategies, custom signage, billboard designs created by our expert graphics department, and our strong local partnerships, your business will build its brand awareness for today and far beyond. Connect with us today for the perfect mix of digital strategy and traditional tactics.