Anybody in marketing will tell you that artificial intelligence is the hottest topic everybody is currently discussing. While the use of AI isn’t an entirely new concept, the way it is being used to streamline processes and social media marketing is a whole new avenue many businesses and professionals are looking to explore. The launch of ChatGPT is what brought AI to the forefront of personalized marketing. AI marketing uses artificial intelligence to streamline processes and save businesses time and manpower. AI tools can analyze incredibly large amounts of data in seconds to identify patterns, analyze customer behavior, and predict future trends. Businesses can automate routine tasks to save hours and focus their efforts elsewhere.

Types of AI Used in Marketing

There are four main types of AI tools that marketing professionals use. Task automation is the most commonly used tool. These tools are preset with a repetitive sequence and automate routine tasks such as welcome or thank you emails. Machine learning algorithms are used to decipher data and help make complex decisions with predictable data. These tools help to segment customers and generate tailored responses to create more personalized marketing. Integrated Applications are naturally implemented into existing systems to help improve the experience for customers. Finally, stand-alone applications are separate AI programs that are interacted with separately and then used.

Benefits of AI in Marketing

While some individuals might be hesitant to utilize this new technology, if used properly AI tools can transform the marketing industry and benefit businesses in instrumental ways. Here are some of the key benefits that AI tools can bring to marketing professionals.

Personalized Content

AI is not just a tool for analyzing large amounts of data and creating automated responses. These tools can use that data to detect patterns and consumer habits to better create personalized messaging tailored to each specific customer.

Improved Targeting

When AI tools analyze customer data, it allows marketers to identify the most effective channel to reach their target audience, by creating lookalike audiences, targeting keywords, recommending related products, and identifying customer segments with high conversion rates.

Streamlined Process

AI technology can analyze robust amounts of data from various sources in minutes to give businesses a complete insight into the customer’s behavior, interests, preferences, and demographics. AI tools can also be used to identify marketing and social media trends, SEO keywords, and popular spending patterns.

Boost ROI

By implementing AI for more personalized targeting capabilities, marketers can greatly improve their effectiveness. This will lead to higher conversion rates and ROI. 

Best of Both Worlds

As helpful as AI marketing has become, it will never replace the need for a human element. That is why you get the best of both worlds with a full-service marketing agency like beMarketing. Our team utilizes the streamlined automation that AI tools provide when applicable, while still providing the personalized human experience. From search engine optimization to social media marketing, beMarketing uses the tools at our disposal and years of experience to ensure that your marketing is not only more efficient but more effective.