Are you looking for a way to seamlessly upgrade your networking abilities and efficiently share your contact information?  VCard QR Codes, or digital business cards, are the solution. Over 27 million business cards are printed out each day, and over 88% of them are thrown away. 

What is a vCard QR Code?

A vCard QR Code is a digital version of a traditional business card that can easily be saved on a smart device. When the QR code is scanned by a user, it will display the individual’s contact information, showing their name, number, email address, headshot, social media accounts, and other supporting information and links. These codes can be used to exchange contact information, save contacts, and important email programs such as Gmail or Outlook. Digital vCard QR Codes help to avoid clutter and minimize the urge to throw out printed business cards.

What is the difference between a vCard QR Code and a QR Code vCard?

Obviously, these sound like the same thing but they are actually different. A vCard QR Code is a QR Code that when scanned, redirects to a business or individual’s contact information. A QR Code vCard is a QR Code that is printed on a physical business card that will redirect to a website or designated URL when scanned. 

How to create a vCard QR Code

Select a reliable QR Code generator based on your urgency and need. For a quick event, a free generator is likely fine, but for more permanent use, a more reliable service is recommended. Select ‘vCard’ on the site’s dashboard and include all the relevant information you want. Including your company’s logo is imperative to stand out and give your QR Code a distinct look and brand recognition. Once you have all the necessary information added, generate the vCard QR Code

Dynamic vCard QR Codes

A static vCard QR Code cannot be edited once the data is entered. However, a dynamic vCard QR Code can be modified and updated as much as needed. When scanned, a dynamic vCard QR Code opens to a URL with all of the contact information. Dynamic codes also allow access to QR scan analytics to better understand your marketing campaign’s success and scan rates. 

Why Should Businesses Use vCard QR Codes?

Digital business cards are becoming increasingly popular in an increasingly digital world because they are easy to scan and present a large amount of information with just a single click. vCard QR Codes enhance the value of your business card, making people more likely to scan it, and less likely to quickly dispose of your contact information. After scanning, potential clients or customers can quickly contact you or your business with a single click. Your contact information can also be edited and updated as many times as needed without the need to print a whole new batch of business cards. 

Increasing Your Marketing Reach With beMarketing

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