A few months back, we published a blog detailing the reasons why Instagram has become such a useful marketing tool for real estate agents. One of the main pillars of that blog discussed turning property listings into digital photoshoots directed at potential buyers. Today on Instagram, we’re continuing to see a rise of video content, both through the direct feed and with the help of one of their newer video features, (the sole rival of the emergent video behemothic TikTok), known as “Instagram Reels.”

Instagram remains an incredible tool for real estate listing videos, yet the scope for real estate video marketing spans way beyond the app. In a study from Animoto, 93% of marketers said they’ve landed a new customer in direct response to a social media video. Similarly, the same study claims that 88% of marketers are satisfied with their ROI from video marketing efforts via social media. 

So, what’s all the hubbub surrounding video marketing that real estate professionals need to know? 

More Enticing, Lower Costs: 

For one, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to swarm buyers before they ever step foot on the property. Think about the cost of running advertising campaigns on television or buying space on local billboards. For a fraction of the price, video marketing can have a much bigger reach, speak more directly to the hundreds of thousands locally on social media, and be unique to the specific home you’re selling. Traditional advertising might help build your brand awareness, but videos drive tangible clicks to your website, via shoppers with real intent to buy. Forbes reports that the increase in click-through rates in video content compared to text is as high as 96%. 

Provide the Full Scope: 

The possibilities to inform and provide context over the video are endless. Buyers might be interested in your property listing, but their fascination may be muddied by a slew of questions or concerns: How is the neighborhood? What is the school district like? Where is the closest train station? One of the greatest parts about video marketing for real estate is that you’re able to provide comprehensive breakdowns of anything buyers might want to know beyond the interior and exterior. You’re also able to prove your legitimacy as a seller through client testimonials, providing a background of your experience, and dispersing all the right information prior to showings. 

Closing Deals:

In the real estate game, it’s all about urgency. Especially in today’s inflated housing market, buyers want to close deals before a collection of higher offers come swooping in. Real estate listing videos can serve as a follow-up, a reminder, or even a nudge for someone who visited the home but wasn’t quite ready to offer. While above we discussed enticing new local clients and sparking new interest, they play a similar role in getting potential buyers to solidify their interest. And hey, they’re already on their phone watching your amazing video, all they need to do is quickly switch apps to email or call you! 

Lights, Camera,… Marketing! 

beMarketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that creates stunning video content proven to: keep current customers or tenants engaged, attract herds of new buyers, and legitimately boost your revenue stream. We know that professional video content is the present and the future for real estate agencies, and sellers that aren’t implementing these strategies are sure to flop at the box office. Find out how beMarketing can energize your video marketing by connecting with us today.