Digital media tools have significantly shifted the ways that businesses market their services and interact with their customers. Features such as online forums and automatically generated inbox responses have become commonplace for companies that want to increase speed and efficiency while adapting to the times. Despite these trends, however, a 2019 study showed that 90% of people still prefer to speak to a live customer service agent over the phone.

With this shared desire for human connection, (along with a general rise in contactless interactions inspired by the pandemic), your business can capitalize on home service industry trends to increase the quality of your marketing. By using call tracking metrics, you can collect both quantitative and qualitative data that can accurately direct your home service marketing efforts toward winning campaigns. 

Read below to learn more about how call tracking metrics can accelerate your marketing.

Track Quality and Quantity: 

Knowing where your leads are coming from can be just as important as the sales themselves. These PCI-compliant tools not only provide you with analytics that illustrates where the most calls are coming from, but they can even measure the call’s importance relative to your specific campaign. 

If certain keywords on a webpage are generating an increase in calls to your location, you’re able to identify this and apply them to other service pages. Similarly, if you notice that your Facebook page is bringing in more calls, but only a small percentage of them are appointment-related, you may want to allocate your money and time toward more successful marketing efforts. 

Transcribe Real Customer Feedback: 

Customer service is the name of the game for home service companies. People want to ensure that their contractors are professional and friendly before entering their homes to start a project. Call tracking platforms to enable you to record and transcribe all of the inbound calls and save them to an easily accessible database. This not only provides you with data regarding the nature of the most popular call types but also allows you to monitor your agents to see where they’re missing sales opportunities or neglecting customer concerns. This provides a great coaching opportunity to increase the effectiveness of future calls and establish your business in a positive light. 

Right Time & Right People: 

An unanswered call could be the sole reason a potential customer pivots to one of your competitors. Call tracking tools can collect information on when or which location your calls are being lost. You can also implement voice response technology that directs callers to the appropriate line based on a simple line of automated questioning.  This expedites the process for both your agents and the customer, making sure the right people are handling calls on the first pickup. 

With the impulsive nature of consumer-based rating sites like Yelp or Google Reviews, you may have experienced how influential a single negative interaction can be toward your business. At beMarketing, we know how important it is that you get the most out of any call that comes your way. Customer acquisition is at the forefront of your home services marketing initiatives, and we provide you with the right tools to increase your productivity. Give us a “buzz” today at 484-261-1149 to start getting impactful feedback on all of your calls!