As a real estate agent, your job is all about visuals. Your clients need to see every room, inspect every closet, and scan practically every corner of the house before finally making the decision to purchase. Through the pandemic, we’ve found ways to utilize technology to replace in-person activities, (and in some cases), we’ve used certain media channels to support our work practices and operations. 

While social media can never replace the experience of visiting your potential new home in-person, one way for real estate professionals to grow their brand and expand their clientele is through Instagram marketing. Of all the social media platforms, Instagram is the most visual. This means that the pictures of your homes can truly speak for themselves and become the focal point for your messaging. 

Check out our tips below on how to successfully implement real estate marketing on Instagram. 

Setting up Your Profile: 

Your profile is possibly the most crucial aspect of Instagram marketing for real estate agents. Think of it as your personal website within the platform that contains all of your essential information. The first step is to set up your profile as a business account. A business account, (as opposed to a personal account), permits you to take advantage of certain features such as the ability to access critical analytics, run targeted ads, and add website links to your Instagram stories. 

Using just your first and last name for your username won’t be enough to establish yourself as a prominent figure in the real estate space. Your name needs to properly convey your services and area of expertise. Your profile picture will be one of the first things that people see, so you should use a photo of yourself that is recent, professional, and of high-quality. Lastly, the “bio” section of your profile is your chance to get personal and creative, but also to provide contact information, location, education, or other interesting facts.

How Often You Should Post

There is no magic template used for figuring out how often to post. Sharing too often can become excessive and clog up the feeds of your followers while posting sparingly will hinder the potential for relationships. As a rule of thumb, sharing interesting posts a few days a week provides a consistent schedule that your audience can expect to engage with you. 

A great way to reach an even larger scope is by utilizing appropriate hashtags. Hashtags can take your real estate marketing campaign to the next level by introducing you to a community of people who specifically are interested in real estate and are potentially in the market for a new home. As hashtags showcase your posts to the masses, get specific to your area by adding the location to the picture to resonate with someone in your town. 

What to Post: 

Instagram is home to millions of users, and its interface is specifically designed for people to scroll through posts quickly. Luckily for you, you have amazing pictures of beautiful homes that you’re showing to stimulate your audience’s attention. Remember though, social media is all about engagement and personal connections. If you post the same images of houses every day with the same boring caption, most people will lose interest in your page, (and more importantly) they will forget that there is an actual human behind the posts. Mix in your listings and interior shots with fun and creative posts that are targeted to connect with your audience. Celebrate relevant holidays or national days, showcase pets or customers, and create graphics that include customer testimonials and positive reviews. 

Ready To Get Started?

At beMarketing, our team of social media experts help real estate professionals share their stories, engage with their intended audiences, and enhance their brand identity. When you want to provide people in your community with their dream homes, you need a social media presence that portrays that. Connect with us today to find out how our innovative social media campaigns have translated to genuine real estate success for our clients.