Universities are always looking for ways to build trust with prospective students and portray their campus in a genuine, exciting manner. Similarly, recent high school graduates, (and their parents), may have hesitations about committing to such an immense decision. In our current digital era, there are certain applications that can help students find their perfect fit without them ever stepping foot on campus. Among these apps, TikTok has emerged as an incredibly prevalent marketing tool. 

What is TikTok? 

TikTok is an interactive social media platform created in 2016 that has been generating considerable buzz among Gen-Z and millennials. Today, the captivating tech company boasts a $50 billion dollar price tag and is widely considered to be the most critical social platform for reaching younger generations. 

How can your University use it? 

One great advantage of social media marketing for educational institutions is that you can control all the variables and create the best possible image of your campus. In order to increase enrollment for your university, however, you’ll need to produce relatable and enticing content. 

Who will post? 

The members of your board are most likely not the biggest experts in social media. Luckily for you, you have thousands of current students who are! Forbes reports that over 60% of TikTok users are Gen Z, which means that your current student body is incredibly suited to connect and relate with prospects. You can use a small team of assigned students, a campus-wide account that regularly features new students, or even use the same individuals who were previously giving in-person tours.

What to post?

TikTok is an immersive tool that allows prospective students to follow the day in-the-life of a current student. The app’s design is also conducive to trends and parody. Pay close attention to certain songs, challenges, or dances that are trending inside the app, as these posts will have the potential to reach the biggest audience. Refrain from posting anything too informational or from making grand claims about your rankings or prestige. The idea is to move away from traditional marketing tactics to better resonate with younger users who are used to a certain type of content within the app. 

Where to post? 

As students traditionally take physical tours of universities, pandemic-related complications have forced colleges to pivot in different directions. TikTok marketing allows you to show off your beautiful campus from anywhere and to anyone. Many students are eager to learn about historic buildings, department facilities, dining areas, or recreation centers. This virtual tour is a convenient, informal, and interactive way to show them around your campus while adding anecdotes or background information along the way.

Education marketing on social media can feel overwhelming. For our social media experts at beMarketing, Tik Tok is simply the latest app that our team has identified as a useful tool to increase engagement. We work with universities and high schools to accelerate their social media campaigns and to revolutionize their digital presence. The clock is “Tik”ing for your next enrollment class, connect with us today to help pique their interest.