To deliver a successful content marketing plan for your education program, the three E’s of marketing should be in place. Typically, a marketing plan has three phases—the first is creating awareness within your target audience, the second is making the deal, and the third is successfully managing the relationship and empowering them to share what they learned. Once you deploy this powerful marketing strategy within your educational institution, you will find great success, higher enrollment, and happier students. If you need an education marketing agency that can create an indispensable marketing plan that will get you the results you want and the credit you deserve, read on to see how beMarketing can help.

Marketing Plan for Education Programs

While you may have seen different versions of the three E’s, including:

  • Enable, Engage, Ensure
  • Engage, Educate, Earn
  • Educate, Entertain, Engage
  • Entice, Engage, Enchant

The version we refer to in regards to education marketing is quite different. To best market your educational programs, we need to focus on Engage, Equip, and Empower. 

Just like any business, your educational institution has to market its brand. You’re competing with other schools to attract prospective students and engaging with current families while maintaining an exemplary reputation. When you leverage the three E’s, your content marketing plan can help build trust with everyone so you can meet and beat expectations and boost enrollment.  


To differentiate your school from others in the area, you need a content marketing plan that engages new and existing students. When trying to attract new students and parents, sharing content and information that is relevant to them is crucial in building an audience you can engage with. What you share with them can make or break a first impression and quickly turn a potential student into someone who wants to learn more about your school or someone who is going to research another option. The same can apply to your existing students; keep information relevant and consistently respond to conversations. Current students and their families will be happy to know their voices are not only being heard but also listened to.


Ask yourself, “What makes your school different from other schools?” and “How can you help new students get what they want?”. Then equip prospective students with these answers. Speak to what is causing them to seek further education and provide actionable solutions to help them achieve their goals. Learn and understand what current students like about your educational organization and give them a platform to share their experiences. Your students and their parents are essential to attracting new families. 


The final phase in your educational marketing plan includes empowerment. Your current families are essential to your continued success; letting them know their loyalty and opinions matter encourages them to talk about your educational institution to their peers, empowering them to speak positively on your behalf.  

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