Educational institutions provide a unique case study from a marketing perspective because their general success depends on appealing to two main groups of people. In higher education, (universities or graduate programs), they’ll need digital campaigns and materials that relate to the prospective students themselves and the media that they interact with. On the contrary, kindergartens, middle schools, and even high schools need to catch the attention of a different audience: the parents. 

Traditionally, admissions decisions are eventually made through a combination of both student interest and parent approval. Despite the need to attract both parties, there are certain school website design concepts that are universal in increasing interaction and capturing attention with users of all ages and motives. 

So, what makes a good website for your school? Read below for three school website features that can increase your organization’s digital presence and produce off-line results. 

Simple Navigation: 

There’s possibly nothing that turns away web users more than a website that has poor functionality. With an abundance of competitor schools in your area, losing out on prospective families through avoidable digital mishaps can come with a price. The aesthetic and overall look of your website should never be compromised, but be sure that links, tabs, and pages are easily accessible for visitors that vary in digital competence. Your website needs to be accessible to everyone so that your crucial content is difficult to overlook. 

Mobile Design: 

Nearly 90% of Americans said that a positive mobile experience makes them more likely to recommend a brand. This is a crucial school website feature that’s often left unattended. This statistic, though impactful, should come as no surprise to you. Smartphones have perennially changed the way that people interact with websites, social media, and other web materials. Your website should be designed as “mobile-first”, meaning that its responsiveness and functionality are created specifically for mobile phones and should differentiate from desktop or laptop designs. 

Content Creation: 

Now that your website looks great, responds quickly, and has simple navigation, what are people going to find there? Good content is really what makes a good website. Here is where you can inform, engage, and impress. “Content” is an umbrella term that covers multiple marketing strategies. The most common content comes in the form of written materials and blogs, where you’re able to offer advice, provide information on your school and its resources, and position yourself as a thought leader in the education sphere. 

As you may already know, however, the average attention span online is always decreasing. Employing impactful imagery and video content is extremely important for retaining web visitors and encouraging them to interact with your site.

Your school has tremendous resources, incredible educators and staff, and students with the talents, potential, and passions to make real differences. Update your website to showcase all of these things to your community and to the next generation of students. beMarketing is an “honor-roll” team of digital marketing professionals that create stunning websites and engaging content through multiple mediums. We help educational organizations as you graduate from the industry standard to digital excellence. Connect with us today to learn how!