When you are considering the various ways to attract new patients to your healthcare practice, it’s important to take note that a majority of people are transitioning to online research and discoveries when looking for a healthcare provider for them. In fact, Pew Research found in 2019 alone, nearly 72% of adults utilize social media to link up with others, engage with news and content and share information, meaning an upwards trend for the amount of online traffic. Naturally, keeping up with the amount of people that are online to gain new clientele means upgrading your own online presence, starting with your practice’s website. The healthcare marketing professionals at beMarketing have the top 4 must-haves for your practice’s website to bring in the traffic you deserve!

Reach Patients On Tablets, Mobile Devices & Desktops

Having an online presence extends well beyond simply having your own website for your healthcare practice. Making sure your website is user-friendly and able to be navigated easily can make or break the amount of people that commit to your practice. Potential patients are checking your website out on desktops, tablets and mobile devices, which changes the format of your healthcare’s website design depending on which product they are using. Be sure all your links work perfectly on your website and buttons or fonts are large enough to read on mobile devices for the optimal user experience!

Display Your Practice’s Unique Services

With all the various healthcare practices out there, standing out from the crowd is key for attracting new patients to your company. Using your website to advertise your unique services and further present your brand allows you to reach the patients who can highly benefit from the services you offer. Whether you provide low recovery time operations or other special features that other healthcare practices don’t do, using your website to promote what makes your practice better than the rest will reel in the potential customers you desire! We recommend that you choose a few key services to highlight on your own website. 

More Blogs Means More Traffic

Keeping your website updated and filled with useful information regarding recent trends or topics people would like to learn more about through blogs can be a great asset to your website. Active blogs will result in more patient traffic and increase your practice’s Search Engine Optimization, making it easier for people to find you online. No matter the topic you wish to discuss, having at least a monthly blog posted on your website will boost SEO and allow patients to discover more about your practice by making your blogs pertain to your services.

Patient Testimonials Are Key

As people are physically online now more than ever, potential prospects look towards current patient testimonials and reviews for accurate ratings of your practice. Testimonials give patients the ability to see how well your practice is and can share their own personal experiences, making your practice more authentic. Studies found that the use of customer testimonials often can generate roughly 62% more revenue for your practice, making patient testimonials a key asset to incorporate on your own website. It’s recommended to have a section on your practice’s website for patient testimonials so inquiring clients can get a better idea of how great your practice is!

Now is the time to make the switch to having an online presence for your healthcare practice to generate the patient traffic that you’ve been dreaming of. Leave all your healthcare marketing worries aside and choose beMarketing for the optimal website design and marketing strategy to make your practice boom! Get in contact with our stellar healthcare marketers today.