The dental industry is estimated to be worth over $35 billion by the year 2021. That’s a lot of visits from the tooth fairy! In the past, dentists and their practices relied on word-of-mouth marketing and trustworthy relationships to help them build a successful practice. These days, most of your current and potential patients are probably online. Whether it’s with Facebook ads for dentists, the latest blogs, video marketing, or direct mailers, it’s a smart idea to learn the specifics of social media advertising and what works best for your dental practice. If your business is decaying, your branding is tarnished or your practice wants a piece of the profit, it’s time to invest in some well-polished dental ads for your business. If your practice wants to extract better ways to attract and retain patients, look no further than our helpful social media advertising tips! 

Why Does Social Media Advertising Matter for Dentists?

Practices are seeing the positive benefits of investing in the power of social media and dental advertisements. While one of the biggest challenges dentists face is standing out among their local competitors, one of the most effective and underutilized options you can incorporate into your advertising strategy is the use of Facebook ads. From hyper-targeting your audience to connecting with new patients, we’re sharing the best ad practices for dentists. 

Tailor your ads to your target audience. 

Your dental ads can be targeted to your ideal audience using the plethora of targeting options that Facebook offers. Target new patients based on interests, behaviors, occupations, and age brackets. Take a look at your dental practice—consider your demographic and what interests them. If you work for a high-end dental office that offers more costly procedures than a typical practice, you’ll want to target a higher-income audience. Ensure you utilize location targeting so your ads are visible to patients near your practice. 

Personalize your ad copy. 

Customizing your ad copy to your audience is key to enticing new patients. Focus on what makes your practice unique and include that in your ad. Having custom, unique content that is entertaining and engaging will let potential patients know why they should choose your dental practice over others. Ditch the bland copy and jump-start your ads with our copywriting help!

Test your CTA’s.

Once your ad copy is complete, you’re not done just yet! Make sure you test out a variety of CTA’s (calls to action) and see what works best for your office. Facebook allows you to easily compare variables and see which one performs best with their A/B Testing.  

Use a variety of different ads.

Facebook ads for dentists can come in many different shapes and sizes. Facebook offers a variety of ad types to choose from. Whether you’re experimenting with an Image Ad of pictures of your office, a Video Ad to put a face to your practice, or trying out an Offer Ad for a free cleaning for new patients, the possibilities are endless. Try exploring the many different ad options to see which ones work best for your practice. 

“Tooth” be told, when you partner with The Hive, we promise to drill away at any and everything that’s blocking your success so your social media advertising plan for your dental practice can shine! If you’re ready to create an impact and leave a lasting impression with your current patients and use our strategic marketing tools to create dental advertisements to hit the right nerve with new patients, then you’ve come to the right place! We offer painless dental marketing strategies designed exclusively for your practice so you can strengthen your business and attract more patients. Connect with us today and let’s get started on a project.