Staying connected with your customers and guests has always been extremely important, and it’s never been more essential than it is now. With restaurants being shut down for much of the year, owners have been challenged with finding a new approach to market their businesses, while keeping health and safety their top priority. If you’re wondering how to market your restaurant in the “new normal”, the busy bees at The Hive are sharing all the best ingredients with you to help cook up the perfect plan! 

Refresh Your Brand

If you’re scratching your head on how to market your restaurant during this strange time, look at your existing brand. Everyone wants to get back to normal, but maybe it’s time for a fresh new start for your restaurant. Consider your interior design, logo, social media, and website content. Incorporate new ideas into your marketing plans like using high-quality photos of your menu, your restaurant, and your staff. Try producing video content that you can share with your guests so they can get a behind the scenes look at how you’re planning to keep them safe and healthy. Take a look at your current menu, can it be refreshed? Are you able to offer new food selections or can you update the format and style of your menu? Renew your interior with different artwork, a fresh coat of paint, and new table configurations to accommodate social distancing. If you have space, transform your eatery into an outdoor oasis that will have diners hungry to try out your restaurant!

Keep Your Guests Updated and Engaged

Your guests are eager to see you again, so make sure you’re updating them every step of the way. Update your website, answering machines and social media platforms to reflect what your offering right now, like takeout only, outdoor dining, or partial indoor dining. Share new hours, seating capacity, and your new hygiene and safety precautions. Reply to your guests’ comments, encourage them to leave a review, and like their posts to engage and (hopefully) attract new patrons. Try incorporating quizzes, questions, and polls within your social media campaigns to further drive engagement. 

Enhance Your Online Presence

It’s no secret that people love food pictures—the hashtag #foodstagram has been used well over 74 million times! Post pictures of your delicious meals and boozy cocktail creations to entice your guests. Share special offerings, new menu items, host a giveaway, and post about your daily specials. Create behind the scenes videos or share recipes with your customers to stay on top of their mind (and at the top of their feed). Consider partnering or collaborating with an influencer or neighboring business to attract new diners and further promote your establishment. 

At beMarketing, we understand the hospitality industry has changed. With updated rules, regulations, and standards changing almost every day, you need a restaurant marketing company to cook up the perfect strategies to help you navigate the “new normal”, and that’s where we come in! Our team can help you engage current patrons and explore innovative ways to attract new ones, create a warm and welcoming environment for your diners online and in-person and turn your restaurant into the go-to establishment in your area. If you’re ready to achieve the results that we know you’re hungry for, contact us today to get started on a project.