Instagram is one of the most popular forms of social media today. Utilizing its existence is imperative if you wish to reach as many people as possible visually. It’s extensive and growing base of users is almost effortlessly accessible if you just post the right content. There are 300 million monthly active users on Instagram, 75 million of which that are active on a daily basis.

Businesses such as Chobani experienced a 7-point lift in people who considered it at any time of the day from their presence on Instagram and Taco bell received a 29-point lift in ad recall, nearly 4x over the control group. This same success is accessible to you if you simply create an engaging presence on Instagram.


What to Post on Instagram
For starters, make sure your pictures are high quality. If someone comes across your Instagram and sees you don’t even make an effort to take a decent picture, they are going to wonder if you put any effort into your product or service.

Next, think about WHAT high-quality pictures you are going to be posting. It’s important that you keep your target audience in mind while doing this. Clearly, pictures of your product or service are perfect to post but that’s not the only thing you should be focused on. Every aspect of the picture is critical and you need to determine if it will make your customers feel that they “need” or “want” your product or service. If your target audience is adult women, make sure the background is something that they would find aesthetically pleasing. If it is the summer, it is a good idea to have the beach or pool involved in your pictures, as that is what your audience will find relatable at the time. Similarly, keep current events involved in your posts, even if it’s just a small acknowledgement of them. If you are current, you are more likely to get attention on your account from potential customers or clients that are not yet familiar with your business.

How to Caption your Pictures
Captioning the picture is almost as important as the picture itself. If you have a funny caption, that could be enough to get someone to like the picture, regardless of what it is. Once again, it is important to think about who your audience is. After you choose your clever caption, it is time to incorporate hashtags. The best thing to do is to find what hashtags are trending at the time and include them. People will search a trending hashtag and if you have used it, they can see your picture in the page of posts using same hashtags. This will lead them to your page where they can browse your whole account of pictures and create brand awareness and a potential client/customer.

Instagram could be a beneficial marketing tool for your business, as well as a way to gain new connections to further your success. beMarketing can help you create your Instagram or build your existing accounts success to new potential and make sure you are fully optimizing every avenue to the utmost. Give Brandon a call today and get your business’ Instagram profile to the top of its industry; 484-351-8820.