The past few weeks have been difficult for everyone, and to say that the coronavirus quarantine has affected small and medium-sized businesses is an understatement. However, the sense of support and unification has been apparent, and as of today, Google has shown its support for small and medium-sized businesses by announcing it will issue Google Ads credits. As a small business ourselves, we have been relentlessly working to help our small and medium-sized clients navigate this difficult time. When we saw this news, we knew we wanted to break it down so all of you can understand how to use it to benefit YOUR business! 


Active Advertisers Will See a Credit From Google Appear in Your Ad Account 

In total, Google has pledged to give small and medium-sized businesses throughout the world $340 million in ad credits. These credits will be deposited by Google into ad accounts in the upcoming weeks. If your business has been an active advertiser since 2019, you could be seeing a credit notification in your Google Ads account soon! When you’re ready to use this credit (Google has stated that it can be used across all Google Ads platforms at any point during 2020), our digital experts will help you choose the best platforms that will get you the most bang for your (credited) buck!


Here’s How to Make Sure This Helps You Help Your Business 

Receiving this Google Ads credit is a great asset for small and medium-sized businesses to bounce back after all of the struggles that have surfaced due to COVID-19. When this challenging time is over — and it will be — you want to make sure that consumers are going to your business and not your competitors, and Google Ads are a great way to make sure that happens. This credit can be used in one of two ways:

  • As a way to jumpstart your advertising right away
  • As a way to boost your signal when you’re ready to advertise again

When you have a digital marketing team that is an expert in your industry, this is the time to refer to their expertise. This way you can be sure that the plan you create for your Google Ads campaign will benefit your business the most.


Now that you know how Google has shown that it cares about small and medium-sized businesses, we’ll show it to you, too! Let the beMarketing team help you manage your credit and make sure it gets you the most success for your business. We’ve been helping small and medium-sized businesses get exceptional success from their marketing strategies for over a decade — and we guarantee that we’ll propel YOUR business upward — so contact us today!