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We know these times are challenging for small and medium-sized businesses, but campaigns are
always at the core of effective marketing strategies, and in order to keep your brand awareness up and drive people to your business, campaigns should still be at the core of your marketing. However, we also know that budgets are tight for business owners right now, so the experts at beMarketing are here with which campaigns you should utilize right — and how to utilize them — so your business can get a leg up during the coronavirus quarantine. 

Seize Your Website Visitors With Retargeting Campaigns

The truth is: approximately 97% of consumers who visit a website for the first time will leave without making a purchase or filling out a form, and given this challenging time, this statistic is probably truer than ever — which is why you need a retargeting campaign. When you’ve deployed an effective retargeting campaign, after potential buyers or prospects leave your site, they’ll be served ads for the product(s) or service(s) they were interested in. Once these ads catch their attention, it increases the chances that they’ll head back to your site and complete a purchase or submit an order form. 

Use Your Point of View as Your Secret Weapon Via a Branding campaign

It may not be a secret to you (it is your point of view after all), but what makes your brand unique, and better than the competition, is what can attract the customers you need right now — and a branding campaign is one of the best ways to get your message out there loud and clear. Branding campaigns include all branding elements of your business:  

  • Brand personality
  • Demographic research
  • How you’re promoting your unique selling positioning 
  • How you’re telling your brand’s story
  • Logo 
  • Market positioning 
  • Messaging
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Tag line 
  • Words people associate with your brand

If you don’t have a clear grasp on all (or any) of the above, then now is the time to tackle these aspects; if you are satisfied with your branding elements, then you’re ready to deploy them to the masses. You can do this via: 

A successful branding campaign can help increase brand awareness and put your business at the top of people’s minds. Plus, this is a good time to get your brand’s messaging out at more affordable rates than ever. Many traditional ad channels are looking for work right now — just like you are — and our media buying experts will make sure you get the best deals that are available right now.

Video Campaigns Can Help Create a Buffer Between You and the Competition 

87% of businesses are reaping the benefits of video marketing, and if yours isn’t, you’re making your business vulnerable — especially right now. To ensure your competitors don’t overtake your business during this pandemic, a video campaign is one of the best plans of action. Here are tips to make sure your video campaign makes an impact: 

  • Pack the first few seconds with something attention grabbing
  • Make sure it appeals to your specific audience
  • Incorporate a clear call to action    
  • Keep it concise 

When done well, a video campaign can generate buzz about your brand now and long after this COVID-19 pandemic is over. 

Digital Media Campaigns Can Help Power Up Your Business 

Digital media campaigns, such as pay per click (PPC) ads, are a lethal digital marketing tool (in a GREAT way) because they help improve search engine rankings AND drive more traffic to a business’s website. However, digital media campaigns can sometimes get expensive, and we understand that every business owner is being impacted by the coronavirus lockdown. Fortunately, our digital media experts, combined with our unique Demand-Side Platform (DSP), enable us to get huge results with any budget. We realize budgets are tight right now, but we can optimize every penny of your budget to make sure your digital campaigns provide results, so your business can survive.

Be Forceful By Deploying Facebook Campaigns

It’s no secret that Facebook is a popular platform for people to use (and advertise on) — after all, it has 1.62 billion users everyday. But due to the COVID-19 quarantine, people are using social media more than ever — 40% more, to be precise — making this the perfect time for your business to deploy a Facebook campaign. When we create your Facebook campaigns, we will:

  • Determine your target audience
  • Incorporate an image that will grab attention 
  • Craft a message that inspires people to take action
  • Create a dynamic landing page that the ad will take your audience to 

Utilize Email Campaigns to Keep Your Business Operating

Before the coronavirus pandemic, consumers were glued to their phones; during the coronavirus, their mobile phone usage has increased exponentially. Because of this, you need to make sure your business is popping up in consumers’ email inboxes at least once per week with an effective email campaign. However, creating content that is applicable in this moment is crucial. Consumers don’t want knowledge they already know or are being served by other businesses — they want something new and that will help them now, which is the perfect opportunity for you to connect with them. Here’s what a potent email campaign should include: 

  • An enticing subject line
  • Visually appealing graphics
  • Email content that’s useful NOW (IE work from home tips, kid-friendly activities, home workout ideas, recipes with pantry staple items, stress management strategies, etc.) 

An email campaign is a great way to get your brand RIGHT in the front of the eyes of your consumers, so this is your chance to make a lasting impression — be sure to make it count!

Here at beMarketing, we know that businesses of all sizes are feeling the impacts of this pandemic, but it’s important to remember two things: campaigns WILL give you a leg up, and we are here for you! Our Hive is buzzing more than ever with ideas that will help businesses navigate this time, so more tips, tricks, and tactics will be flying your way, and we hope you continue to Thrive With the Hive. If you would like more marketing tips on how to keep your business thriving, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.