Recently, Facebook stated they were making changes to their text and image ratios on the app’s mobile News Feed. Facebook is constantly making new updates to their platform in order to give users the best experience. These changes might not seem extremely significant, but it’s important to stay ahead of—and learn to adapt to them—since the mobile News Feed is where most audiences view sponsored content. Here’s a breakdown of the most recent changes, as well as how it can impact your business.

Facebook Ads Primary Text Changes

With this new update, Facebook’s primary text is being reduced from seven lines to three lines. You’ll still be able to write more content, and have the user click “See More” to finish reading. By decreasing these lines, single ads will be prevented from taking up an excessive amount of space on the Facebook News Feed.

How This Will Affect You

Now that advertisers only have half the amount of space to grab people’s attention, you need to write enticing content that will create conversions. Your ad text needs to address the various audiences and their unique interests and needs. Here are some tips to help you get the most bang for your buck:

  • Incorporate a unique Call To Action
  • Talk about benefits
  • Start with a question
  • Make it about your audience

Facebook Ads Aspect Ratio Changes

Facebook has decided to reduce the maximum media height for photos and videos from a 2:3 ratio to a 4:5 ratio. This new ratio is designed to simplify formats and improve consistency for Facebook’s mobile experience.

How This Will Affect You

The benefit of this change is that it will help increase ad effectiveness, while also making it easier to use the same images on a Facebook News Feed and an Instagram Feed. A graphic designer is a great resource, and at beMarketing we can help with all your social media advertising. Our team provides full support, including content creation, promotion, reputation management and community engagement to enhance your social presence, cultivate customer relationships and grow your business.

These changes will begin to rollout on August 19, and will be fully implemented by September 2.