Achieving retail success without e-commerce advertising is like trying to make honey without the help of the hive. While products and clothing items are being sold at exuberant rates every day online, “The Hive” at beMarketing is busy identifying the most profitable retail advertising strategies among gigantic tech competitors. 

When consumers think of where they’re going to shop online, the average person would think of Amazon. When people want to search for something to buy online, they more than likely utilize Google. While searching and shopping may seem like two separate concepts, in the world of online retail they share more similarities than differences. In paid retail advertising, we’re looking for platforms that not only can connect shoppers to their intended products but also reach targeted audiences and introduce products to new shoppers through different channels. 

In the online marketplace title match of Google Shopping vs. Amazon, Amazon reigns king in e-commerce. Yet through some newer features from Google Shopping, your product, brand, or new clothing item could reach audiences in completely different ways. 

Engage with New Customers:

Shoppers typically go to Amazon with a specific intent to purchase a specific item. This is clearly great for those brands with the luxury of an enormous following and incredible recognition factor, but not quite as much for smaller businesses. Similarly, when they arrive on Amazon for these products, the “promoted” products on the page have trouble accelerating meaningful clicks. The straightforward nature of Amazon shopping leaves much to be desired, while Google’s plethora of useful tools gives your products a chance to shine all over the most frequented parts of the internet. Through their unique “Showcase” feature, Google Shopping incorporates search results into Google Images, Google Discovery, and even Google-owned mega platform Youtube. 

The Largest Scale: 

As a retail store, the main purpose of allocating time, resources, and money into these internet ventures is clearly to broaden your audience.  In that regard, you may want to consider which platform has a wider reach. Amazon only lets you advertise to 10 major countries, while Google Shopping can get your products in front of people in over 35 nations. The importance of this clearly depends on the scale of your own business, but casting a wider net of targeted shoppers can always help to increase sales.

The Most Relevant Searches: 

One of the main benefits for online shoppers is that they’re able to track down and customize the exact product they’re searching for. The main benefit of Google Shopping is that it allows them to do so quickly and simply. Users of Google Shopping can filter results through colors, sizes, price points, and brands to narrow down searches and find your exact product. Similarly, after a shopper has made a purchase of one of your products on the platform, Google will then create and share recommended items from your store to increase the likelihood of repeat customers.

Start Your E-commerce Advertising with beMarketing! 

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