As we finish up the last quarter of 2022, those in the hospitality industry are already planning strategic incentives to make 2023 a bigger and better year. The past two years threw many curveballs, with travel, dining, and tourism taking a significant plunge during the pandemic. But with COVID finally in the rearview, it’s time to begin optimizing and marketing for maximum ROI. User behavior has shifted dramatically, and it’s time you start changing your SEO strategies to better align with your customer’s needs. Below we share SEO best practices for 2022 and beyond so your hospitality company can thrive.

Industry Best Practices for 2022 and Beyond

Today’s travelers are searching for a unique experience, and 90% of them are turning to Google first to find it. The hospitality industry has been incredibly competitive recently, with hotels and restaurants competing against online travel agencies and booking sites in search engine results. Is your business showing up online where potential guests and customers are searching? If not, your brand must adjust its SEO strategies to drive growth and revenue and acquire new customers. 

Don’t underestimate your website.

It’s essential to optimize your website for Core Web Vitals. Introduced in 2020, Core Web Vitals measure and evaluate the speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of a website while offering more opportunities for rankings boost. To improve on CWV, your site should have clean code, use a Content Delivery Network (CDN), externalize JS and CSS, and be mobile-friendly and secure. You should also remember that your website is your most effective marketing tool. Design it with your guests and customers in mind. Focus on usability and make it easy for your visitors to receive the content they want quickly and easily. Add in CTAs that are clear and completely in line with your strategy. 

Incorporate social media into your strategy. 

You’ll want to share content that highlights your business, whether it be food, travel tips, hotel offerings, or events you’re hosting. Your social media content can help maximize visibility, build more brand exposure and loyalty, and generate more clicks and buzz about your business, all of which have a positive impact on your revenue and website traffic. Ensure you’re also engaging with your guests and encourage them to leave reviews and share their positive experiences. 

Optimize your Google Business Profile and local listings.

One of the most vital industry best practices you should adopt in your 2023 strategy is optimizing your GBP and local listings. By doing so, your company will show up in the Map Pack, as well as be listed in the regular organic search listings on the page for geo-modified keywords. Once your listings are optimized, it helps prioritize your business to show up at the top spots of local searches. To do just that, you’ll want to:

  • Manage and respond to reviews
  • Respond to Q&A and create an FAQ section
  • Ensure your Google Maps pin is in the correct location
  • Display photos and videos of your business
  • Use attributes to differentiate your business
  • Always keep your hours up to date

Why Choose beMarketing and Our SEO Services?

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