Writing quality content for your business should be a focus for any company or organization. Quality content is how you communicate with your customers, employees, investors, and the community in which your business is located. No matter what form of content you are creating, whether it’s for your website, social media, business proposal, press release, grant, etc, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Producing Content For Your Business:

  • Create Content That Resonates With Your Customer: Creating content that resonates with your current and potential customers enable you to engage with them. To do this, you must think about what matters to them. Consider why they may be following your business on social media or why they clicked onto your website. Think about those questions and then answer them in the content that you produce.
  • Provide Valuable Information: You are the subject matter expert of your industry. Remember that you know more than your customers know – that’s why they need you! Your content should share what you know in a manner that showcases your expertise so that a current or potential customer knows that they can trust you to give them guidance or perform a service they need assistance with. 
  • Write In A Manner That Your Customer Will Understand: When creating content, keep in mind that not everyone speaks the language of your industry. Make sure what you are writing could be understood by someone who may not know as much as you know about the particular subject. You want to showcase your expertise in a simple way. 
  • Make Your Content Engaging: No matter what subject you are writing about, make it as engaging as possible. Quality content must keep your audience interested in what you have to say. Once your reader is engaged, they are able to take the action you are hoping they will take whether that means requesting more information about your services, purchasing your product, calling to book an appointment, etc. The more engaging your content, the more likely that the person reading it will give you business!
  • Make Sure Your Content Solves A Problem: It may sound simple enough, but this is a key part of any content plan. Ultimately, your content should help a potential or current customer solve a problem. We suggest thinking about the problem your company can help solve before you start to write and make sure that this problem is a focus throughout the content you produce. 

Want Some Additional Help With Content Writing?

The content team at beMarketing can help you tell your story. We thrive on learning what makes our clients valuable to their industry so that we can help them tell their stories to the world. Give us a call today to learn more about our professional content strategists at 484.261.1149.

Rebecca Goodman, Lead of Communications Team