If you’ve ever spoken to someone in marketing or read up on new marketing trends, you may have heard that “video content is the future.” It’s rather clear to understand why this may be, as video is simply a more eye-catching, stimulating, and personable medium than print. At beMarketing, we agree that video content is the future of marketing, but we similarly know that it’s also the present

More specifically, we want to share with you how to effectively utilize the many advantages of using Youtube for business. Read below to find some expert tips from our team!

What to Film? 

You don’t have to go film school to reach success on Youtube. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t need a plan of action, minimal editing skills, and a true purpose behind your video content. Here are a few examples that should serve as a great starting point! 

Customer Testimonials: There’s a good chance that you’re already sharing customer reviews and experiences on platforms like your website, social media graphics, and so on. Video reviews incorporate a human element that can help establish trust and legitimacy in your brand. 

Behind-The-Scenes Content: The most famous people on Youtube are often showcasing pretty uneventful scenarios. “Vlogs” that portray a “day in the life” rack up millions of views on Youtube, perhaps because younger generations feel turned off by highly-scripted content and general flooding of commercialized content. Show off what it’s really like to work at your company or what the interns are working on – maybe even get the more technically savvy interns to film and produce!

Be Authoritative: Youtube, owned by Google, values the same pedigree of content creation that their parent company does. They’re looking for creators that are trustworthy, relatable, and that show authority on certain subjects. This is your chance to utilize your experts for informational videos on how to change a tire, how to know if you need a new roof, or what are the latest trends in eCommerce.

Latch To Trends: New video trends surface on Youtube or Tik Tok every single day. The task for you is to first identify these trends and second understand how you can tie your branding, services, culture, or products into it. If there’s a new game show/trivia trend that’s going viral or even a funny dance move, have some fun and add some real personality to your brand identity!

How to Optimize Content? 

Now that you have an idea of what to create, let’s discuss how you’ll actually get people to watch your videos. More specifically, your current customers and new ones that you want to target. The first way to ensure your video is being viewed and circulated is through cross-promotion. 

Cross-Promotion is simple but effective. Essentially, once your video is created and you have access to the link, you then just share it to multiple platforms to increase its open rates and view counts. You can include the link in company emails or newsletters, on the front page of your website, and definitely on your social media channels. 

Incentivize Subscribing: Youtube rewards channels that have high subscriber rates, so in turn, you should reward those who subscribe! Maybe run a giveaway like a free product or service where people need to subscribe to be entered. 

Search Optimization: As mentioned above, because Google owns Youtube, they have a similar way of optimizing content and use the same algorithm to increase your video’s chances of showing up in search results/people’s feeds. Titles are important, include any and all relevant keywords to your industry in both the title and description. 

Let’s Get Filming! 

Does the idea of turning the camera on and clicking record seem a bit overwhelming to you? From brainstorming sessions to publishing, cross-promotion to optimization, the team at beMarketing provides turnkey solutions for Youtube marketing! If you’re ready to click play, connect with us to get started TODAY!