Google Adwords Campaigns and Conversions

Google AdwordsThere is a lot of data displayed at once on Google Adwords. There are impressions, CTR, Search Impression Shares, Clicks, the list goes on. It can be overwhelming to understand the overall success of your campaign. Many business owners believe a high CTR is the most important aspect to measure. However, although it is a great element to watch, it does not mean your campaign is successful. The best way to track the success of your campaigns is to set up conversions tracking.

Step One: Understanding Conversions

Conversions, simply put, are meaningful interactions or goals with a web page. These interactions can vary from visit a business’s homepage, viewing a certain page within the site for a duration, or completing a task. Your ability to track these activities will allow you to better understand the intention of the visitors on your site. You can see what people are viewing, how they are interacting with your business online, and understanding whether or not the campaign is being successful in its goal.

There are five different categories a conversion can be: Purchase/Sales, Sign-up, Lead, View of a Key Page, or Other. Each one has it is own purpose, but are not applicable to every Google Adwords campaign.

  • Purchase/Sales – someone bought the product advertised.
  • Sign-up – someone signed up for a newsletter or for more information.
  • Lead – someone is interested in the product or service offered.
  • View of a Key Page – someone is conducting research or exploring the experience offered.
  • Other – anything that does not fall into the categories listed above

How Conversions Help Understand Your Campaigns

Once conversions are enabled the conversion data will highlight keywords and search queries that generate the best interactions. Understanding what channels are driving traffic and engagement allow you to better allocate resources within your campaigns. When resources are better-allocated leads are stronger and when leads are stronger you are reaching your ideal customers.

Conversion tracking is the most important aspect of any campaign. Next time your associate claims that CTR is the most important element of a campaign, you can inform them about the importance and benefits of conversion tracking. Explain to them how it can help boost ROI because you will be able to make the most informed choice because you will have plenty of data to back up your decisions.

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