In case you missed it, Google released additional updates to their algorithm back in November of 2021. It may come as no surprise to you that Google has made yet another alteration to their algorithm, as they are notorious for implementing changes hundreds of times each year to best cater to the masses. Back in November, however, Google introduced a new technology that may change the ways in which search results are pulled. It’s called “Multitask Unified Model”, or “MUM” for short. 

Do you remember when Google’s BERT algorithm was in effect? MUM is projected to be at least a thousand times more powerful than its predecessor! While MUM may seem like a fairly intimidating feature added to Google’s ever-changing algorithm arsenal, it’s important to know more about it as we can expect it to alter the previously known appearance of search results.

What To Know About MUM

MUM is an artificial intelligence that will assist with analyzing and generating content, fairly similar to how you and I would do. The purpose of MUM is to simplify the search query process, combing through complex queries and making decisions based on its predictions, decreasing the length complex search query process. The main objective of MUM is to better facilitate the buyer journey, coming off as a more advanced recommendation engine. So far, users are able to see MUM in action with the rollout of these features:

  • In-depth analysis of images on Google Lens
  • Larger image displays on search results
  • Innovative video analysis/recommendations on Google
  • Detailed recommendation feature updated on Google

Sounds amazing, right? For users, MUM will make the experience more personalized. For SEO specialists, it will impact your current SEO strategy put into place in some ways. Instead of throwing your current tactics in place out the window, adapting your strategy to best align with MUM will help set up the optimal SEO strategy for your clients and business efforts.

How to Revise Your SEO Strategy With MUM

While MUM has all these shiny new features that may seem like a huge change, it really does not impact your SEO too dramatically to the point of heading back to the drawing board completely. It’s recommended to spend time on improved SEO elements to be able to work well with MUM. Our digital team has a handful of tips and tricks on how to revise your SEO strategy so that your efforts will work well with MUM.

  • Traditional SEO Is Here To Stay

As a feature that was only rolled out officially at the beginning of 2022, MUM has great capabilities but is not expected to analyze every single page of content that exists on Google. Be sure you still remain to establish imperative page entities such as authority with backlinks and subject relevance with entities. We won’t be saying “goodbye” to traditional processes of SEO quite yet!  

  • Spend More Time On The Buyer Journey 

As previously mentioned above, MUM and its features are going to cater more towards simplifying the customer journey, like through easier and more in-depth projects and subject searches in Google Lens. Why reinvent the wheel when you can mimic Google’s innovative approach to content analysis? When implementing blogs or putting website content together, keep in mind how specific MUM pulls content. Utilize detailed keywords and spend time researching topics that the majority of your audience members search for will benefit you in the long run.

  • Work With A Digital Marketing Agency To Boost Your SEO Efforts

No matter your industry or business size, if your online presence is outdated or nonexistent, it can be challenging for new customers to find and learn more about your business. If you need help setting up an SEO strategy or getting your business up and running on Google, work with a professional marketing agency that excels at providing innovative search engine optimization tactics. They will help you navigate Google’s MUM! 

There you have it! MUM doesn’t seem too intimidating, right? 

In summary, the recent Google update rolls out the newest AI called “MUM” which will greatly improve and personalize the buyer journey and user experience. As yet another algorithm update added to Google’s long list of adjustments and upgrades, we have already begun to experience firsthand how beneficial MUM will be. SEO strategies don’t need to be thrown away completely, however, even though MUM is making changes to search results and queries. By keeping (but slightly changing) your current SEO strategy, spending more time improving the buyer journey on your end, and working with a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, you will set yourself and your business up for great success in the new year!

Interested In Professional SEO Services For Your Business?

Are you ready to start adjusting your SEO tactics to best fit with MUM but aren’t sure where to begin? When it comes to search engine optimization, you will want to work with a top-tier digital marketing agency that really knows its way around the realm of SEO marketing. Here at beMarketing, our digital team is tech-savvy and consistently stays up to date will every google algorithm update so you don’t have to. We’ll work with you to ensure your strategy works best with your brand and allows you to be more SEO-friendly, no matter the algorithm update that Google reveals. Be in the know with The Hive today! To speak with a member of our team or to start building your SEO strategy for your business, please contact us today or call (484) 261-1149.