seasonal-marketingSeasonal marketing is a great way to concentrate your marketing campaign on one general idea that will attract the consumer.  Consumers will pay attention to something that addresses the general theme of the season, and your campaign immediately becomes relatable. Consumer attitudes and habits change with the seasons, and you have to make sure you’re keeping their attention all year long, regardless of the season.  Are you getting ready for summer and advertising barbeques and pool parties, or are you focusing on winter boots and warm fires? Either or, your seasonal marketing message will have great impact on how your consumers view what you have to offer and how they will relate to it.

1) Plan for opportunities

The first step in creating a message for your campaign is to plan ahead. Make sure you and your team have everything mapped out, from campaign ideas, to holidays, and other seasonal opportunities that may arise throughout the year. Mark all major holidays and seasonal events that your campaign will be participating in and discover how to relate those occasions to your consumers. You can send out flyers or other mailings that will let your consumers know what lies ahead in the future, to get them prepared for what you will be doing in the coming months.

2) Specialty Marketing

Holidays are a great time to specialty market because people love participating in social holidays and events. For example, the winter holiday season is an awesome opportunity to pick specific packaging and items that would make good gifts. You can also offer “buy one, get one free” promotions on certain items for Valentine’s Day or have sales for the back to school season while everyone is out shopping. The possibilities are endless if you plan for the opportunities that lie ahead.

3) Utilize Digital Marketing

Turn your social media platforms into pages that promote the season or events going on! If it is the fall season, focus on posting many statuses, links, and pictures relating to fall time. Anything that will relate to the season that the consumer has in mind will help promote you. Especially when it becomes cold out, many people spend most of their time indoors and on a laptop, cellphone, etc. These are great opportunities to heavily relate your pages to the consumer’s seasonal feelings.

If you aren’t utilizing the seasons, you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity that appeals to the general public as a whole. When it comes to taking advantage of the seasons and developing a marketing plan to highlight your business during those relatable times, beMarketing is the best! If you need help creating and managing your Seasonal Marketing Plan, or any of your other marketing aspect of your business, contact beMarketing by calling 484-351-8820 or by visiting our website.