Social Media StrategyWhen it comes to your company’s social media strategy, the importance of SEO is often overlooked. Whether your campaign is for products you produce, services you sell or an informative campaign, the marketing tools you use don’t need to change. What does need to change? The content you publish and the way in which you apply the many different SEO techniques. At beMarketing, we know how important social media and SEO are to a company. That’s why we offer a TurnKey Social Media Management and Search Engine Optimization package, so you and your company receive the expertise and guidance you need to help your social media campaign succeed. Our team of social media and SEO experts want to share a few useful SEO techniques that will help boost your social media marketing strategy.

Keywords are Vital in Social Media Success—Implement This Strategy First

Keywords are still a powerful SEO technique, so the first thing you should do is transfer your on-page website SEO keyword to your social media platforms. Even though social media search engines promote posts based on how rapidly their popularity increases, search engines will only be able to find your posts based on the keywords you incorporate.

Different Information Produces Different Results

Different types of posts result in different types of responses: funny posts drive traffic and get views, educational posts get high levels of engagement and insider information posts get shares. Play to your business’s strengths by posting memes with puns or short videos with witty comments that relate to your business. By mixing up the types of posts you incorporate into your social media strategy, you can increase your reach across all platforms.

Pictures Still Pack the Biggest SEO Punch

You’ve probably heard the saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words”, and in social media, posts with images are far more successful. To avoid high bounce rates, make sure the images you use in posts relate to your post’s text—this is especially important if you want to convert the traffic that’s driven to your website into buyers/subscribers.  

Promote Brand Principles Across Platforms for a Higher Ranking

Because social media posts and profiles may show up next to web pages on Google’s search engine results, pushing your brand’s principles on both your social media posts and web pages should be a priority. Plus, when Google recognizes this cross-linked information, it can rank you higher in its search engine results.

Stay Informed With the Everchanging SEO Rules

Since their inception, social media and Google SEO rules have gone through a series of changes and modifications. Because the amount of shares and likes that your posts receive impacts your social media ranking, it’s important to stay on top of any social media and Google SEO changes.

Google Adwords Can Help Create Powerful Titles and Description Tags

If you’re not already utilizing Google Adwords to find quality keywords and titles, then it’s time to start. A great way to find effective keywords for your website and social media posts, this is one of the most popular and useful SEO techniques.

Social media and SEO can have a huge impact on your business, but if not used correctly, this impact may be negative as opposed to positive. To avoid this, it’s best to enlist the help of social media and SEO professionals. At beMarketing, we take pride in managing, monitoring and analyzing our clients’ social media campaigns. Contact us today to see what our social media and SEO experts can do for you and your business!