Our Top Tips for Social Media Video on The Top Four Platforms

There is tons of content online these days, so how do you make sure you’re grabbing your ideal audience’s attention? Videos are a great solution, but you need to make sure you are utilizing them correctly. Some studies say human’s attention spans are shrinking, and others say they’re not shrinking but instead evolving to be more selective. Either way, being able to connect with your audience is more important now than ever before. Here are some tips to keep in mind when posting videos on social media platforms:


When posting videos on Facebook, whether organic or paid, the ideal video length is 15 seconds. Even though you can post longer videos, it’s recommended to keep it under 2 minutes. Engagement drops off the longer your video is, and dramatically decreases after you hit 2 minutes. With Facebook’s autoplay, your video will begin playing with no audio, so it’s vital to post engaging, fun, informative content that can be understood without audio. To get even better results for your videos, make sure you’re posting them directly to Facebook rather than putting a YouTube link; Facebook’s algorithm favors videos directly posted on their platform.


Instagram tends to not support videos that are longer than 60 seconds, so your video shouldn’t be longer than that, but the ideal length is 30 seconds. Due to the social platform Instagram is, your video needs to be extremely visually appealing. Want to take it one step further? Be sure to take advantage of the features included on Instagram to post back and forth or looping videos to keep your audience engaged. Lastly, make sure you increase your videos visibility by using hashtags.


Your video content on Twitter shouldn’t exceed 30 seconds; one because you’ll lose engagement but Twitter also has a 30-second limit on videos. Typically, videos posted on Twitter are short that entice people to click through to their website to watch the full thing, or answer followers’ questions.


YouTube’s platform is definitely known for longer video content, but some of the same effects happen when you post a video that’s too long. For the best results, your video shouldn’t be longer than 2 minutes. Use YouTube as your video platform for posting content related to product demonstrations, how-to videos or video blogs.

With these tips, your videos will be sure to outperform all others online. We have dedicated team members to help with all your social media marketing needs.