Getting in to see your healthcare provider in person has become increasingly difficult with COVID-19. Many, if not most, patients have been forced to seek alternative means of treatment. Many patients have switched to telehealth services where your normal physician will see you over a video conference application such as Zoom. Although this service being available seems convenient, the question on many people’s minds in the medical field is how do we make the most out of a virtual doctor visit?

Making the Most Out Of Your Telehealth Appointment

COVID-19 has made many things in life feel out of place, foreign, and just a bit off. Your doctor video visit doesn’t have to be this way. Figuring out how to get in touch with your provider is a very important step. The patient should know they have the software or technology they need for the appointment. There should be a line of communication between the healthcare provider and patient with information about how, where, and when the appointment will take place.

Imagine you are halfway through your doctor video visit and all of a sudden you have a black screen. You forgot to charge your device before the meeting! As simple as it sounds, it is very important to charge your laptop, phone or tablet. It is also smart to check your WIFI connection prior to your appointment. 

Lighting is also a very important thing to consider prior to your telehealth visit. Proper lighting allows the Healthcare Professional to see exactly how you look. It maximizes the extent to which they can help you.

Telehealth has Many Benefits

In an unprecedented situation like COVID-19, telehealth services being offered and widely available is extremely important. Keeping foot traffic down in high contact places like hospitals and doctor’s offices is a must. This is not only beneficial to the many healthcare workers bravely fighting this virus on the frontline but also is best for patients who may be at risk. The ability to have a full doctors visit via video conference keeps older, at-risk individuals safe.

A more minor benefit to telehealth is the time and money saved on the patient’s end. The time and money associated with traveling, parking, etc. for a doctor’s visit can be rather high. An online visit affords patients the opportunity to have a visit without those additional costs.

Telehealth Has Certain Limitations

There are multiple situations where telehealth might not work. There are certain appointments such as surgeries and physical examinations that need to be done in person. 

Some patients may not want to see a doctor over a video conferencing app. A number of reasons such as feeling like they won’t receive the same quality of care, technology barriers, and more may hold a patient back from telehealth. 

Is Telehealth Right For you?

While telehealth does have a few limitations to keep in mind, the positive impact that this service has had on healthcare professional’s patients cannot be overstated. If you have the means, telehealth may be right for you.

Marketing For Telehealth

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