Many people believe that direct mail marketing is simply a strategy of the past. The rapid growth of social media, paid search, and email marketing has created the idea in many circles that direct, physical mail has become obsolete in terms of marketing efforts. For your healthcare marketing plan, this is exactly the reason why direct mail could be such an incredibly valuable tool. 

Studies are actually proving that direct mail is making a significant comeback and that, (amid the internet era), direct mail can actually increase your ROI and drive legitimate healthcare sales. At beMarketing, we’re uniquely suited to discuss this topic because, (unlike many competitors), we have decades of experience in both digital marketing and direct mail marketing for healthcare organizations. We refuse to ignore the trends and proven data, no matter how strange they may seem! Below are some major factors why direct mail should be re-implemented in every healthcare marketing plan

Stand Out in the Right Mailbox: 

The continuous decline of physical mail can be accredited to the ways marketing professionals around the world have grown alongside the digital era. Things like the creation of online banking payment tools, newspapers switching gears from print to digital pages, and company promotions being sent through emails have caused one important thing to remember: they’ve cluttered people’s email inboxes and, in turn, have opened up prime real estate inside their mailboxes.

The average person now has thousands of unread emails, while basically every day there is a decline in physical news sent to their homes. As a healthcare organization, your goal is often to legitimize yourself as a trusted group that goes the extra mile for your patients. Direct mail will help you stand out, and the right information can show potential patients that you’re dedicated and credible.  

Marketing and Promotions Combined: 

Direct mail is quite literally a physical reminder of your healthcare brand to customers new and old. When people receive something they can touch, interact with, and see for their own eyes, there’s a certain level of trust that’s built that can often be unachievable through digital marketing. Also, as email marketing continues to increase, certain healthcare providers who aren’t working with the right marketing partners have a better chance of being sent to the dreaded spam folder! Direct mail comes right to people’s doors and helps establish your expertise in whichever communities you desire.

Another great tool presented by direct mail campaigns is the ability to personalize your content, promotions, or special offers to the exact demographics you’re looking for. This is especially helpful for older people, who both are less inclined to be internet savvy and represent an integral age group healthcare organizations rely on for business. 

Supplemental to Other Marketing Efforts: 

There’s no going back. Digital marketing is here to stay, and strategies like search engine optimization have proven to be far too influential and valuable to retreat from. With that said, direct mailers are a fantastic way to further the efforts that take place behind the screens. Depending on the size of your healthcare organization, you should be employing multiple marketing streams in the areas that can really make a difference. The more ways that enable you to get in front of potential patients, the better the chances you can actually convert them. 

beMarketing is not your average digital marketing agency. In fact, for decades we have assisted and guided healthcare companies for all of their marketing campaigns with a heavy emphasis on direct mail. Our graphic designers produce stunning mail pieces that showcase your brand and portray impactful messaging where it counts. Partner with us today to make a lasting impression, both online and off.