Why Should You Use Twitter For Your Company?

With 302 million monthly active users and 500 million tweets sent per day, Twitter can undeniably help your business gain a lot of attention. 80% of those 302 million users are active on their mobile devices, meaning that they are accessible to Twitter wherever they go. The main goal of every business is, without question, to sell their product or service. Twitter aids in doing exactly that. 72% of Twitter users claim to be more likely to buy something from a business that they follow. That is probably related to the fact that 85% of Twitter users say that they feel more connected with a business after following and engaging with them via Twitter.

With only 140 characters, your messages are sure to be short, sweet and to the point. You and your consumers or clients can engage in personal communication within seconds via Twitter. These interactions between you and your followers will also be visible not only to your followers but it will be visible to theirs as well. shutterstock_154181867

Why Twitter is a top option

            Internet trends are constantly changing, but Twitter seems to be in it for the long haul. Twitter usage has remained consistent throughout the years. The click-through rate of Twitter ads is 8-24 times higher than that of Facebook ads. Twitter’s direct message feature gets an average 300% higher click rate than messages sent to personal email accounts. Also, Twitter allows you to see essential information about your account. For example, on their activity dashboard you can see the amount of people who have viewed your tweets, the amount of people who have interacted with your tweets, and detailed analytics about individual tweets. Twitter also provides an option to boost your tweets (paid service) and gain more reach to users, helping you to reach a much further audience. Twitter has demonstrated success in aiding in the B2B market as well. It is the second most used social network by B2B marketers and here’s why: B2B marketers with Twitter accounts achieve twice as many leads than marketers in the same competition range that do not have an account.

No matter what audience you are trying to sell to via social media, Twitter is key. beMarketing can assist you in creating or maintaining your already existing Twitter account to its maximum efficiency. Give Brandon a call today and get your business’ Twitter account to reach its maximum success; 484-351-8820.