Facebook is the first social site that comes to mind for start-up businesses, but you’d be surprised that it’s not always the most beneficial first choice. It is Twitter for the win!

Twitter for a start-up business is an ideal social site to start with.

Why Twitter?
• Twitter is time efficient
• The reach for potential customers is endless
• Engagement with followers and potential customers are a given

That’s what Twitter is, a social media site to get you engaged with your followers and potential customers/clients. shutterstock_193510199Whether it is to sell a product or just reach out and thank buyers and customers. Your business will be building a brand early and your followers will be there every step of the way. Connect with your followers, experiment, and share their tweets. It will help create a better brand in their mind and an image for your business, and is a great way to get instant results!

Don’t be afraid to get into conversation threads or share the occasional jokes on Twitter, it will give your followers a sense of a personal connection, and don’t forget the #Hashtags!

Facebook would be the second choice for your start-up. Facebook is designed to so that your business is:
• Discoverable
• Connected
• Timely
• Insightful

When searching for the name of a business or organization, Facebook is a go-to spot for potential clients and customers. Communication with your customers/fans is on a personal level, they can like, read, and share your posts with their friends, giving your business more reach. You can reach large groups of people frequently and with analytics right on your page you can see and understand your customer/fans and what they want to see/read.

These social platforms also encompass the ability to promote posts (paid) to boost your page and to gain an even larger reach of fans. It’s all up to you and customized to your business’ needs.