Promoting your businesses summer events on social media is not only a quick and easy way to get the message out, but it will show off how involved your company or organization is! Here are some tips on what to do before, during, and after to promote your summer event.  shutterstock_149746451

• Create a hashtag for your event, so that while customers are at the event and they want to post photos or statuses they have a hashtag to do so with. Hashtags aren’t just for Twitter anymore either. Use your unique hashtag for Instagram and Facebook!  shutterstock_252646573
• Let your followers know about the hashtag via social media so that when it comes time to the event they are ready to go!

• Start the day off by taking a photo of your event before anyone gets there to show off how much fun it is going to be and of course incorporating the hashtag. Also add your location so that if anyone is confused or not sure they know exactly where you will be.
• Talk about main events as they are about to happen on all social platforms so that everyone will know what is going on and if someone just arrived they can catch up.

• Take a moment to thank and acknowledge everyone who came out and enjoyed the event. Talk it up for next year.
• Post your photos, videos, and thoughts from the day. Especially for those who did not attend the event they can be sure to look back and in the future they will participate.
• Don’t be afraid to ask how your event went or for feedback on the event.
• Those hashtags throughout the day are bound to help get your name out there and make sure your business is heard – and a great way to engage with those who attended the event and for event recap!

Summer will be here and gone before you know it. Take advantage of these summer event promoting tips and get your business out there and involved in the community. Attendees will be talking about your event for the rest of the year and will anticipate the next one.