There are plenty of web design resources out there for any web project. While it’s always best to write your own code and be as original as possible, there are plenty of ways to jumpstart your creativity with these web design resources.


1. Codrops

Web Design Resources: CodropsCodrops is a web design and development tutorial site that constantly updates their content. Codrops tutorials are based on the latest trends and technologies of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Codrops refers to its site as “an exciting playground for sharing the passion for web design and web development”. While putting out original tutorials they also publish a weekly list of other web design resources for a front-end developer to explore and learn. Codrops is number one because of their new content, expertise in the industry, and attitude towards advancing the field of web design and development.


2. Codyhouse

Web Design Resources: CodyhouseCodyhouse is similar to Codrops but offers an alternative approach to learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Codyhouse doesn’t update as much as Codrops but, the content they put out is just as good. Codyhouse’s tutorials and code samples are mainly centered around CSS animation and HTML 5. Their web design resources are components of sites like advanced navigation menus, animated search bars, and extended image sliders.


3. CSS Author

Web Design Resources: CSS AuthorCSS Author has been around for a few years now. Contrary to Codyhouse and Codrops, CSS Author is mainly focused on free web design resources for fonts, icons, and other graphical web elements, as opposed to code. They have a section of their site totally dedicated to website inspiration which gives you a look at fresh new design concepts and trends.


4. The Best Designs

Web Design Resources: The Best DesignsThe Best Designs is a website that showcases other well-designed web sites. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of website inspiration sites out there but in our opinion, The Best Designs is, well, the best! They update with new sites everyday and always choose unique websites. The biggest feature that sets them apart is that they credit the studio/designer that designed the site.


5. Dribbble

Web Design Resources: DribbbleDribbble is a unique web design resource for web and graphic designers because of its format. It is an by-invite only, self-promotion website where users can post 400 x 300 pixel screen shots of work. “Shots” are usually of work-in-progress or completed free resources and they range from web sites to illustrations and everything in between.


While there are plenty more web design design resources that can be posted to this list, these are beMarketing’s top five. beMarketing is a well rounded marketing firm based in the Greater Philadelphia Area. We are experts in website design and development, social media management, search engine optimization, and graphic design.