As you already know, leads are a crucial part of business success. It may come as no surprise that without getting your foot in the door with prospective customers, gaining new clients, increasing your revenue, and overall developing your company can’t be possible. However, there’s more than just attending live events or offering coupons that can attract real leads to doing business with you. Nowadays especially, the majority of individuals turn to online research to discover new services and products, meaning your lead generation efforts should be focused more online. If your company is looking to boost leads effectively, it’s time we introduce you to lead capture pages if you are unfamiliar with them or aren’t using them already! Continue reading about lead capture forms, their importance, and best practices from our experts: 

Lead Capture Pages Introduction

Related to a landing page, a lead capture page is designed to do exactly how it is called: capture leads. A lead capture page is a combination of a few integral facets: it is the ideal balance between customer inquiry and customer reward, catches interest through compelling copy and designs, AND is 100% optimized. Having a lead capture page is important because when someone visits your site, there is only a limited amount of time until they decide if they want to stay on your page or leave. These pages attract visitors into learning more about your company with the hopes of turning them into current and returning customers. 

Tips on Optimal Lead Capture Pages

Simply having a lead capture page won’t necessarily get you the leads you are looking for. In order to make lead capture pages work, it’s important that you are offering value to visitors enough so that they are willing to give you their information for it willingly. You won’t want to be too pushy or take up too much of your visitors’ time— that will only deter them! In fact, think about some sites you have visited, whether it be for a free demo for a service or product information. Have you ever seen a lead capture form that is SO long, you lose interest or become skeptical about the level of potential spam you may receive? 

A general rule of them is to keep your lead capture to no more than 3 fields. This could include name, email, or any data that your customer can give. 

Lead Capture Page Must-Haves

When it comes to the best lead capture pages, here are some advice on critical elements to allow you to get the leads you desire:

  • Attention-grabbing headlines must be creative and encourage visitors to remain on your page.
  • Body content should be informative yet intriguing enough to keep visitors curious and wanting to learn more.
  • Must include enticing visual elements, whether it be custom graphics or alluring imagery.

It’s important to mention that in addition to all the things that should be present on your lead capture page, one thing that should NOT be on it is a navigation link. You don’t want to risk your visitors leaving your page before filling out the form information.

Gain The Attention of Your Website Visitors with The Hive

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