Whether you have been staying closely up-to-date with all the various changes that Google has been implementing or you are hearing for the first time about the Google Analytics change, it’s important for all digital marketers, businesses, and online users to understand how Google’s announcement will make an impact. Google is preparing to put Universal Analytics to rest in 2023. 

Users will be introduced to “Google Analytics 4” nearing the end of 2023 with a gradual transition taking place during the middle to end of next year. Although this change may seem intimidating, Google Analytics 4 has exciting features and abilities that will positively impact businesses and users alike! Continue reading about what this change means, how we will benefit from it, and more:

What Does This Change Mean?

You may be wondering why Google has decided to make yet another change to its platform and what this change will mean for your marketing efforts or your user’s experience. Since Universal Analytics was not capable of cross-platform deliverables, Google Analytics 4 (or GA4 for short) has been introduced to obtain and measure data from various websites and apps. The rollout of GA4 will allow marketers and business owners alike to receive insightful data from various sites that Universal Analytics was not designed to do. 

How Can We Benefit from Google Analytics 4? 

With every great Google change comes great advantages that users will be able to experience. After all, Google is consistently monitoring and finding ways to make its features more accessible, convenient, and user-friendly for all! In 2023, GA4 will be able to offer users the following, but not limited to, perks:

  • Complete Insight Experience. Since GA4 gathers data across various websites and apps, users will be able to obtain detailed information all in one space.
  • Increased Data Value. The in-depth level of value that GA4 data will produce can help users discover important information, whether it be consumer behavior or shining a better light on decision-making processes.
  • Increased Data with a Purpose. Integrations with other Google products will be compatible with GA4, administering easier use and the development of imperative data points. 

We have asked, and Google has surely listened! From lead generation to improving customer engagement, Google Analytics 4 is designed to better facilitate business goals and objectives. Mark your calendars for the release of GA4 at the end of 2023!

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