It is hard to believe we are already almost two months into 2023. It feels like New Year’s Eve was last week. Well whether you are still easing into 2023 or hit the ground running in early January, it’s always a good time to pause and make sure you are doing everything you can to maximize your business’s revenue this year. Whether your business is in the growth phase, maturity state, in recovery, or you are just getting started, there are always new marketing trends and strategies to help you achieve your goals. Our experts have combed the marketplace and have come up with a list of the latest marketing trends to help set you up for success this year.

Increase Video and Livestreaming Usage 

Each year, investing in video content becomes more and more beneficial. Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube rank as the top three social media platforms marketers are investing in this year. Livestreaming is gaining traction as it allows brands to build trust and closer relationships with their audience. In 2023, all businesses should be incorporating short-form videos of some kind into their marketing strategy. 

Return to In-Person Events

With the pandemic seemingly in the rearview mirror, businesses should return to in-person events where they can connect with their customers face-to-face and build brand awareness. From hosting pop-up shops to attending trade shows and conferences, getting back out allows you to engage and network with your audience and others in your industry.


Podcasts are great for businesses with a highly engaged audience. You can create original content and engage with listeners directly, using your platform to entertain, build brand awareness, inform about your expertise, cross-promote, partner with influencers and other brands, and establish yourself in your industry. 

Interactive Marketing

Incorporating interactive marketing elements into your strategy such as quizzes, polls, and games will help capture and retain the attention of your audience. The average attention span of consumers continues to decrease, but creating high-quality content that is engaging for your audience to interact with enhances your click rates. Companies can explore anything from incorporating a poll into their website or social content to the gamification of a rewards program with challenges and rewards.

Integrated Online and Offline Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is a strategy that integrates a marketing presence across multiple channels, from social media, website content, email blasts, and offline avenues. While there is no denying that digital marketing is still king, focusing on customer experience and providing a better customer experience than your competitors is always going to win out. In today’s digital landscape, companies that can effectively integrate their online and offline marketing channels are going to stand out. 

Gen Z Influences Marketing More Than Millennials

Anybody over the age of 27 probably rolls their eyes at some of the TikTok content creators. But the truth is, they move the needle. The Gen Z generation has grown up entirely with social media and technology. Their decision-making process differs from millennials. For example, over 50 percent of Gen Z consumers believe that companies should take a stance on social issues, they are more likely to purchase from a company that treats its employees well, and the most critical factor in their purchasing decision is recommendations from influencers. A company’s values, behaviors, and attitudes matter to Gan Z a lot more than older generations.

Inclusive Marketing 

Incorporating inclusive marketing strategies allows brands to better connect with audiences across a wide range of cultures, languages, and backgrounds. Conducting a cultural audit of your brand and target audience will allow you to identify key demographics and better target under-represented audiences.

Set Yourself up for Success With beMarketing

Some of these trends aren’t unique to 2023, but they are strategies that experts are emphasizing to help businesses achieve success. Most small businesses do not have the resources to implement all of these strategies. That is where beMarketing comes in. Not only does our team stay at the forefront of trend research and information, but we help companies implement and maximize their branding strategy. If you are looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level, contact beMarketing today to learn more about how we can help you.