instagramInstagram – one of the most popular tools on the web right now for photo sharing, video sharing and of course, social media browsing. Instagram is a great resource for connecting with others through visual postings, and it can help market your business and products with a simple picture and caption. Although a great tool for marketing, Instagram can actually have the opposite effect on your followers if you’re making one of these 5 mistakes on this social media platform.

1)     Lack of Engagement

Many users don’t understand that with lack of engagement on your part, becomes lack of engagement on your followers part as well. Instagram is a social-media-based device where you need to connect and share with people and vice versa. Don’t follow irrelevant companies that could make your site followers list look cluttered and unprofessional and don’t let those type of accounts follow you – it is a business after all. Make sure to connect with your followers and “like” their postings and comment on them, because the same will be done back to your company.

2)     Junk

Consistent, multiple postings a day will drive your followers to click the unfollow button very quickly. Your followers want to see what your business has to offer, but don’t want it shoved in their face either. Post strategically, maybe once a day or once every few days, depending on when and what you need to post. The Huffington Post has an article on when the best time to post on Instagram is and how this time frame can get your post maximum likes and acknowledgement.

3)     Bad Quality

The sole purpose of Instagram is to gain followers and share media, but your media has to look classy and professional, not middling. A bad quality photo with an over saturated hue or bad filter will only drive your followers elsewhere.  Make your photos look professional and relevant to your company to make them stand out above the rest.

4)     Use Proper Hashtags

Hashtags are proven to make your company more popular and as a tool to gain more followers on Instagram. Use relevant hashtags to explain the product you’re selling or the company you’re promoting, and you will be sure to move up in the digital marketing field. For whatever you are marketing, the hashtags are for enhancement of the product or business and people can find your product with a simple click of a catchy, clever hashtag on your picture post.

5)     Bad Bio!

Having a bad biography on Instagram can drive your followers in the wrong direction. First, if there is no link to the actual company or product website in the bio space (which is actually what the space is supposed to be used for), how can orders be made or companies be contacted? There is no website link to send your potential customers to a place where they can order or check out more about the business.  A bad bio can also misrepresent your business and cause people to stay away. Make it relevant, professional and a great representation of who you are what you have to offer.

These five mistakes can be costing you your reputation and can turn your digital marketing from good to awful. Make sure you’re not making these five mistakes when using Instagram to market your business! And if you need help managing your Instagram or any of your other social media sites, contact beMarketing by calling 484-351-8820 or by visiting our contact page.