branding guidelinesBuilding a solid brand is the most important element when creating a successful business. This is a client’s first impression of you, and we all know that first impressions are everything. Branding is the heart of your company long before creating a mark comes into play. Your company’s branding is the first work a potential client will see, and by following the steps below you will be remembered long after the meeting ends. There many factors that contribute to well made branding guidelines.

1. Research, research, research!

Take the time to explore all of the other companies that exist in your field. See what it will take to set your company apart. What are consistencies you find in your research? How can you be different without crossing the line and loosing relevance within the field? Use your research as inspiration and get yourself thinking about all the directions you can go.

2. Look at your company internally.

Think about your mission statement. What do you want potential clients to know about you right from the start? Think of the personality traits you want portrayed through your brand. Keep in mind that your company culture needs to fit your client base. You want your culture to be one that clients want to work with. Also, it is vital to have internal morale for your brand before introducing it to clients. If your employees are excited about the brand and support it then they will be more than willing to boast outside work hours.

3. Inspire others with colors and slogan.

When you brand your company, both colors and words will make or break it. Using a dictionary to look up word meanings and synonyms is the best way to go about creating a mark. Think of all the brands that exist in the world. They all use catchy slogans that that translate into the imagery of their mark. This is not always the case, but the more successful a brand is at doing this, the more memorable they will be. The stronger your mark is at getting your mission statement across, the less time you need to spend explaining what your company does.

4. Don’t try too hard.

Every business owner wants to stand out, but you don’t want to make outlandish off the wall decisions. Don’t pick a mark or message just because it is edgy. If the mark or slogan means nothing to your company then you probably shouldn’t be using it. Be unique but don’t cross the line.

5. Don’t let fear ruin you.

Sometimes people fear they are being too direct in their messaging. However, people are impatient and want you to get right to the point. So be direct and set yourself apart. Tell people exactly why they should choose you and what it is you can do to make their life better or easier. Many companies exist in each field so be aggressive without being offensive in the personal manner.

6. Logos aren’t forever.

Logos change constantly. As a company grows, they tend to drop graphical or textual elements that are no longer necessary for identification. However, your brand’s identity itself should remain consistent, which will prove to clients you are trustworthy. When you change your mark, you need to revisit all elements of your business (website, print and packaging). The last thing you want is to ask a client to trust you when your own brand is all over the place.

This is just the beginning of creating a solid brand, but it is the most important part, the building of the heart and core of y-our company. If you need help creating and implementing your branding, contact beMarketing today by calling 484-351-8820 or by visiting our contact page on our website.