Video marketing has been on the rise and is becoming the new gold standard in getting maximal outreach and engagement from users. This is backed by countless studies that have shown that videos receive more likes, shares and clicks than traditional online marketing practices. That’s why Google recently added the option for business owners to add videos to their Google My Business—a service for business owners.

Catch your audience’s attention.

Video MarketingWhen scrolling on Instagram or Facebook, it’s pretty easy to just slide past a picture ad and without even noticing it was there. On the contrary, if a business creates an eye catching, energetic or funny video, you are more than likely going to stop and watch it all the way through. Keep in mind that videos on your GMB listing are not direct advertisements that will link to a sales page. However, after viewing your videos there is a greater chance that the user will visit your website or click the “call” button directly on your listing.

Content is King.

When it comes to SEO and SEO ranking of your site, content is king! Google’s algorithm has been designed to push sites with more relevant content to the top of searches. Videos are highly favored by Google and can positively impact your search rankings. The same thing applies when it comes to Google My Business. The addition of videos to your GMB will enhance your presence in a local-pack listing.


If you have customers that are on the fence about purchasing a product, a video may be just enough to secure that sale! According to Invodo, 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more comfortable with purchases. If you sell products online or in-store, providing your market with a video of the item will help customers make their buying decision.

What Now?

Now that you know putting videos on Google My Business is a necessity, you might be asking yourself “what type of videos work best and what do I put in a video?”. For starters, you always want to emphasize how your business stands out from the competition and putting that content in a video is a perfect way to capitalize on showing your unique edge.

They always say a picture paints a thousand words. But, a video shows a thousand pictures. When pictures just aren’t enough to show how great your company’s products or services are, show it in a video! With a video you can show all the small details that set your product or service apart from the rest. The best part? With a video you have SO much more creative freedom to evoke any emotion you want in your audience!

The introduction of videos to Google My Business opens yet another door of opportunities to attract more potential customers and gives you more creativity when it comes to showing off your business and letting people know why your product or service is the best.

At beMarketing we work closely with our clients to develop a strategic plan for video production and execution on various platforms. We begin with the end in mind, meaning our goals drive our efforts to ensure high-quality assets and campaigns. To learn more about video capabilities and digital advertising strategies, contact us today!