Dishing Out Flavorful Hospitality Video Content Ideas

If you’re a hospitality company, this is the time to start dishing out flavorful hospitality video content ideas, so you can get the following you deserve! It’s no surprise to anyone that it is bee-YOND difficult to grab hold of people’s attention online. With all the noise that’s buzzing around social media, how can companies successfully increase their following? Our busy, hospitality marketing bees at beMarketing are spilling the tea on how to produce video content that will keep your hospitality customers coming back for more.

Give Your Audience a Warm Welcome Via Video Introductions

According to Small Business Trends, social hospitality video content generates 12 times the shares than text and images combined — now that’s a stat that your hospitality company can’t afford to not go all-in on. Introduction videos are a great place to start to get your video content on a roll — keep them short (approximately 30 seconds) and discuss who you are and what your business is. Not only will these videos give you the chance to promote brand awareness for your hospitality business in a creative way, but it will also boost engagement.

Start Rolling Out Appreciation Posts 

Followers are hungry for authenticity, craving real connections to the people that they follow online. Create lasting connections with your followers with customer appreciation hospitality content videos on your social pages! By giving your followers shoutout for their nonstop support, you’ll be revealing to them how much you care about them while also highlighting your business’s values. These are meant to be fun and stress-free posts, so don’t hold back from being a little cheesy!

Serve Your Followers Customer Review and Testimonial Posts 

Share some screen time with your customers by creating and posting reviews and testimonials. Ask them the following questions about your hospitality brand:

  • What is your favorite item?
  • What is something you would change?
  • What is something you’d like to try?

Asking these questions will make your consumers feel like they are a part of your community, that you genuinely care about their opinions, and will make engaging with your brand easy. Plus, you’ll also receive helpful feedback.

Whip Up “How To” and Tutorial Hospitality Video Content Posts 

Have you ever ordered something online and it turns out to be way different than marketed? Avoid giving the wrong impression to viewers with “how to” and tutorial type videos on your social media page. These videos will attract your potential customers and help them feel more comfortable and familiar with your brand — before ever even visiting your business — making them more likely to become a real customer.

Turn Blogs Into Vlogs to Drive More Results

If you have written content that you think is the crème de la crème, then now is the time to turn it into a video. This is a great way to spruce up your content and add flavor to your social media page. Thanks to the tone and facial expressions that you can exude in a video, your followers will experience a deeper connection with you and your hospitality brand.

Make Your Feed More Festive With Event Footage 

Hosting events at or for your hospitality business is a great opportunity to capture high-quality content. Because your followers won’t be able to attend every event you host, posting videos from events is a great way to keep them involved and engaged while boosting your online reputation. And because you’ll capture different moments of your event then you guests, your viewers will enjoy getting a more behind the scenes view.

It’s time to take go all-in on video content, and the team at beMarketing can help you hit the social media follower jackpot. Contact us today to get started with one of our hospitality content marketing experts.