The world of auto marketing is constantly changing. Several years ago, an attractive billboard or a conveniently timed radio ad would have been enough to successfully get your name out there. Now, to stand out in a sea of competitors, being on top of your digital presence can make all the difference to potential customers. Today’s buyers and consumers are interacting more with your business online than they would in person. In fact, according to Google, 95% of car enthusiasts and shoppers use digital as a source of information, with over half starting their buying journey online. Capturing new and existing customers’ attention online is crucial, so the automobile industry experts in our Hive are sharing four digital marketing tools auto businesses need to accelerate success.

Implement Content Marketing That’ll Get Customers Hooked

Are you ready to rev up sales, drive more people to your website and attract the attention of new customers? Put the pedal to the metal on your content marketing strategies! Content marketing can consist of several different digital materials, including blogs, articles, videos, podcasts and photos, and it helps deliver valuable and relevant information to your target audience. In fact, according to Google, over 75% of auto shoppers say that an online video heavily influenced their car buying habits. Auto videos are great for connecting with your audience and creating brand awareness. Plus, videos do what pictures can’t: they show model comparisons, special features, and vehicle walkthroughs, making them a great part of any auto marketing strategy. By implementing these effective methods into your business, you can guarantee your lot will fill up with new customers!

Make Sure Your Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Go Flat

It can be tiring trying to constantly keep up with social trends, but to be the best in the auto industry, it is crucial to accelerate your brand’s success. Car buyers, in general, spend hours on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You need to be where your audience is and that’s on social media. If you’re not taking advantage of this easy marketing tool, you’re missing out! These platforms are especially useful to showcase your new inventory or post a  behind-the-scene video. Whether you need help with engagement, reputation management or special social promotions know that we outperform all our competitors!

Fuel Your Business With PPC Advertising

Having an effective Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising strategy can help park your business in one of the top three spots on a search engine results page. When your auto company finds itself in one of these spots, you can look forward to attracting new customers and getting the speedy results you want. PPC advertising can appear as a sponsored listing on Google, as a banner ad, in a website ad, on a social platform, or in an online video.

Trade In Your Old Website for One That’s User-Friendly

Your website needs to be a well-oiled machine — it should be user-friendly, well-designed, attractive, and compliant. However, more often than not, dealerships think that being compliant means that they can’t customize their site in unique ways that will make them standout — that couldn’t be more wrong! There are tons of ways that you can customize your site that will highlight why you’re the go-to dealership in your area while also being compliant…you just need an automobile marketing team to steer you in the right direction!

Now that we’ve steered you in the right direction with these four digital marketing tools auto businesses need to accelerate success, it’s time to put them to good use with the help of beMarketing! We set the standard in digital marketing for automotive businesses, and we’re waiting to help send your auto company into overdrive! Contact us today to get started.