Whether you’re an education institution, retail business, or home services company, getting social media campaigns to influence your audience can be tricky to do. Like most business owners, you probably have questions on how you can build campaigns that will drive your audience to purchase a product or service from your business. Fortunately, the social media experts at beMarketing are here with all of the answers you need! Read on to learn how you can leverage social media to inspire your audience, so you can get prospective customers to take action in YOUR business and not your competition.  


How Do You Determine the Action You Want Your Audience to Take?

In a nutshell, you want to create data-optimized strategies that will inspire and move your audience to take a specific action. In order to do this, the first step is determining what the exact action is that you want your audience to take. But for this to happen, you need a thorough understanding of where your audience currently stands. By doing so, you can now create a content tailored strategy for each platform that will determine the action you want your audience to take. After creating the campaign, you want to have a high frequency of posts so that your audience is seeing the post constantly, which only drives your message further! 

Steps You Need to Take to Inspire Your Audience to Action!

Now that you understand how to determine the action that you want your audience to take, the next step is coming up with a way of communicating that message effectively. Before starting a social campaign, the message you’re business is communicating to the audience needs to have the right tone and voice. By having the appropriate tone and voice, it will enable your message to resonate with your audience. All in all, you’re creating a compass that you as a business and your audience should align on. But most of all, after understanding your audience, the biggest and most obvious step is to have a call to action (CTA).

An easy way to get to know your audience is by understanding them on an intimate level, which includes recognizing the following: 

  • What their fears are
  • What their pride points may be 
  • What makes them anxious 
  • What will trigger nostalgia for them

How Do You Know That Your Audience is Taking Those Actions?

One helpful tool that will help you find out if your audience is engaged is using helpful tools such as Sprout Listening. This will help you see what consumers are talking about — whether it is negative or positive — so you can address it instantly. Some other tips and tricks to ensure your audience is taking action is to use the “consumer centric approach.” You’ll want to connect with your audience by using content and engagement that shows you value them, and proceed by soliciting feedback through polls and CTAs to gather insights. If you run into any challenges, the main key is to be transparent with your audience. It is more than knowing your audience — it is understanding their needs and gaining their trust.

Are you ready to leverage social media to inspire your audience? Our social media experts are ready to help, so contact us today!