Nowadays, there are more ways to get in front of potential customers than ever before. The pure volume of effective media landscapes, both new and old, has produced new avenues of achieving brand legitimacy and attracting customers in ways that referrals or “word-of-mouth” tactics never could. For home service companies, that means there are more unique and affordable ways to reach your intended audience, increase home service leads, and ultimately boost revenue. 

This surplus in media opportunities doesn’t necessarily make things more simple, however. With so many options at your fingertips, it can become extremely overwhelming trying to decide where to buy media placements and how to identify the most useful and profitable platforms. 

In order to scale your business and experience continued growth, your home service team needs to develop a media buying strategy. And in order to develop a concrete strategy, you’ll need a media buying agency that you can trust will drive undeniable results. 

At beMarketing, our comprehensive media buying strategies are designed to develop awareness, increase targeted communication with new customers, and drive a consistent influx of new sales. Below, we’ve listed a few reasons why every home service company should invest in media buying. 

Comprehensive Plan: 

Here at “The Hive”, we value the effectiveness of tactics developed from marketers who came far before us. Yet, we know that the only way to get the best return on more traditional marketing efforts is to integrate them with digital initiatives that shadow our web-browsing, Google-searching society. A successful media buying strategy does not depend on “buying and hoping”, but rather a continued effort among multiple channels that make the most sense for your company objectives. While home service leads can be generated through radio or television, home service sales can be completed by SEO or PPC. 

Research Oriented: 

Home service companies working on tight budgets rarely have the time, resources, or allocated spend to waste on marketing. So, when it comes to media buying, you need to be positive that you’re reaching the most accurate demographics possible. Luckily, skilled media buyers are able to use emergent media to identify where this audience interacts. Strong demographic research ensures that your advertising dollars are spent interacting with customers with real intent or those who are actively searching for your services. 


There is a multitude of factors to consider before enacting your unique media buying plan. Where does your target audience live? Through which mediums or channels have you had the most success connecting with new customers in the past? What is your “peak season”? A media buying strategy can ramp up efforts and customize tools while your company needs them most. If you have a down season where there’s continuously a lack of HVAC installations or electrical repairs, radio or television media buying could be worth the spend. For times when you’re booked with appointments and projects, you’re able to seamlessly pivot to outdoor banner ads, social media spending, or other similar solutions that are more cost-effective. 

beMarketing Is Your Media Buying Partner! 

As you can see, there are endless opportunities to incorporate media buying to achieve continued growth for your home services company. Through the decades, beMarketing has established essential relationships with some of the most prominent media outlets in the Philadelphia area and beyond. We develop media plans that make sense for your company, are based on your budgets and goals, and get your business in front of more homeowners. Experience an increase in sales as we sting out your competitors by connecting with us today!