Is your HVAC company looking for new ways to modernize your marketing efforts? While you may have had some success through more traditional marketing ventures, your business should really be investing in digital tactics for today and for the future. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is simply the most efficient way to boost sales, book more appointments, and build a legitimate internet presence. 

When someone conducts a search, Google scans the internet looking for website pages that meet the criteria for three critical things: Authority, Relevance, and Trust. These three elements must be addressed if you’re wondering how to get on the first page of Google search results, and it all starts with the content! 


Why is your HVAC company positioned to give advice, speak on industry trends, or provide new services? From a content perspective, your website needs to be full of authoritative information in the form of web pages, service pages, blog posts, and more. Present your audience with unique facts or tips and speak as industry experts. Simply relaying information, while helpful, will not directly impact your HVAC SEO plan on its own, however. Linking to external sources that are legitimate and credible connects your site to others and shows Google that you’re knowledgeable. 


Relevance might be the single most important aspect of an HVAC SEO strategy. Your local business provides clear-cut services for homeowners or business owners who are actively searching for them. When someone has a problem with their air conditioning, for example, they might search “air conditioning repair near me.” These keywords would then clearly be beneficial to include in your website content, but HVAC companies should get far more specific than that.

Conduct research on popular HVAC searches that are specific. “How often should I change my furnace filter?” “Furnace vs. Heat-pump.” This way, Google will see that you’re actively answering questions that are being searched at volume and will see you as a credible source. 


Trust is an interesting characteristic of SEO because the first two categories play a factor in determining trust as well. SEO trust is really an all-encompassing thing that includes multiple different fronts. The content structure itself is very important, as longer, more complete articles can help Google identify your pages. At beMarketing, we recommend that blogs, service pages, or similar website content should be no shorter than 500 words. Including video content and linking to social media pages are also some more ways to add a trust factor or legitimacy to your site. 

Trust is also earned through areas not related to content as well. Does your website have secure privacy settings? Are you upfront about your cookie policies? These sorts of things that are more related to the backend of your site are actually quite important. 

Stay Consistent! 

Organic SEO growth does not happen overnight. While these practices and guidelines may seem overwhelming, this process is a proven, reliable, and affordable way to increase your internet traffic and ultimately boost service sales. Be patient, but also remember that consistency is key to HVAC SEO, and once you stop updating your website with fresh, authoritative, optimized content, your progress can be seriously deterred. 

At beMarketing, we know that your HVAC organization is probably too busy with installations, repairs, tune-ups, and more to focus on your digital strategy. Our HVAC marketing services are turn-key, meaning our digital experts will handle all the research, implementation, and website maintenance for you. Connect with us today and learn more about how we deliver unparalleled results for HVAC companies!