For everyone that loves Instagram, you know how the incredibly popular Facebook app can often function as a chameleon of sorts. While longer-form videos were garnering millions of views on Youtube, Instagram announces IGtv. As Tik-Tok and short video content are currently exploding, Instagram rolled out Reels to facilitate second-long videos. And while Snapchat’s most popular feature of highlighting your current life, “stories”, continued to increase in popularity, here come’s Instagram Stories. 

The reality is for digital marketers, Instagram stories actually provide far more value than their inspirational Snapchat. For brands, businesses, public figures, and so on, Instagram stories can ultimately provide endless possibilities to increase social media engagement, create new revenues of social media traffic, and grow your brand. Below, we’ve listed 3 Instagram story tips to help you fully capitalize on these opportunities. 

  • Consistently is Key: 

As with all social media strategies, the principal goal is finding an appropriate cadence for posting. In other words, finding that balance between keeping your brand in the spotlight and relevant but not “overposting” or cluttering your followers’ feeds. One of the great benefits of the Story function is that they are separate from the main feed, and it is ultimately up to the user to click on them as opposed to it popping up in their timeline. Because of this, our social media team recommends that you post stories every day, especially because they disappear after 24 hours. 

  • Talk With Not At: 

This is one of the most important Instagram story tips that will work in your favor to help increase engagement. Luckily for you, Instagram’s algorithm is designed to help increase engagement, facilitating your growth with tools made to gauge feedback from followers. Conduct polls relevant to your brand and audience or enable a “ask us anything” questionnaire to further connect with followers. In the ever-competitive social media landscape, the objective is to get your followers to pause from their seemingly perennial scroll. These types of stories that encourage interaction and participation can only help to have your content stand out from the crowd, and your followers will similarly appreciate communicating with you. 

  • Revert to Homebase

At the heart of a social media marketing campaign, the mission is to translate social media traffic into website traffic. Why? Because that is where your products are, your services are listed, your contact forms and newsletter sign-ups live, and far more! There is one problem in Instagram stories, or at least, there was. Previously, there was no way to attach links in your stories unless you were deemed a public figure with over 10,000 followers. Just last month, however, Instagram announced that they are enabling this feature for all Instagram users. In our opinion, this will be an absolute game-changer for small-to-mid-sized companies. 

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