With all the uncertainty surrounding other social media platforms, Instagram looks poised to continue strengthening its position as the favorite social media platform among people ages 16-34. Instagram is a highly useful marketing tool due to its effectiveness in organic content, paid advertising, influencer marketing, and e-commerce tools.

Instagram has a unique social media management tool where you can set up your profile as a business account. You’ll be allowed helpful benefits such as verification, Instagram ads with boosting capabilities, an in-platform shop, and the ability to run full-paid Instagram campaigns.

Successful Instagram Tactics to Use in 2023

There are many different strategies and tactics that businesses can use to help Instagram campaigns be successful. Our beMarketing social media management experts came up with five helpful tips you can use to be successful on Instagram. 

  1. Develop a Brand Voice

No matter if you are using custom graphics, live-action photos or videos, or user-generated content, you want to always maintain a distinctive brand voice throughout your posts. Often, it is not about what you say but how you say it. Develop a voice that fits your brand and style, then stick to it throughout all your content. This allows your audience to build a connection with you and your brand. 

  1. Create Instagram Reels and Stories

Instagram reels might seem silly and like they clog up your feed sometimes, but the truth is; they get engagement. Posting reels is proven to boost your overall engagement, and if you can “go viral” you can reach a whole new audience. Using Instagram stories is another great way to increase your reach. Stories sit right atop the feed for 24 hours and avoid the Instagram algorithms. Verified business profiles also can add clickable links and create ads in Instagram stories. 

  1. Use Popular Hashtags

The use of hashtags is an often discussed topic among social media managers. Do they work? How well do they work? How many should we use? With ever-changing social media algorithms, the answer to those questions is often changing. However, most experts agree that while aesthetically unpleasing, the use of well-researched and popular hashtags is shown to increase the number of organic impressions a post will generate. Just make sure you use popular hashtags that will reach a bigger audience.

  1. Engage With Followers and Other Brands

Engagement on your Instagram posts sends positive signals to the algorithm that can help to increase your post’s reach and impressions. Responding to comments from your followers will only increase future comments and help boost your engagement. Commenting and engaging on other brands’ and influencers’ social media pages can also help to improve your visibility and follower count. 

  1. Partner With Influencers

Speaking of influencers, in 2022, influencer marketing continued to grow and accounted for a record $16.4 billion in value. Collaboration with celebrities or well-known creators on social media can dramatically increase your brand’s visibility and drive engagement, which will lead to increased revenue.

Successful Instagram Management with beMarketing

Our social media experts at beMarketing have the tools and strategies to take your Instagram marketing to the next level. Our Instagram marketing service offers your brand content creation, community engagement, reputation management, paid advertising, social promotions, and competitive analysis. Find out more about how beMarketing can enhance your brand’s Instagram marketing by calling 484-261-1149 today.